Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Home.

This topic encompasses so much. Mainly my concern is keeping a tidy, lovely house. But I’m also interested and motivated to create a beautiful, unique atmosphere for my home. I’m also itching to just give my whole house a makeover, to be honest.

And right now, my house is the opposite of all those things. When it comes to design and prettiness and definitely uniqueness, they are all nonexistent. My house is painfully messy (I’m such an orderly person, it literally hurts to see sometimes) and I can’t seem to find a way to break the cycle. Don’t even get me started on how cramped our space is and how tiresome it is to be on the fourth floor after a long day or Jax needs to go out for the tenth time.

I’m aching for a change in every sense and I’m excited to accomplish these goals and hopefully soon, have a clean slate.

Keeping the house clean.
Before I ever move, or create beautiful DIYs, or makeover my house, or do anything else, I need to find a way to keep my house clean. Having a messy house also gets in the way of everything else I want to change and do, like cooking, and at home workouts, and so much more to come. I can’t do any of that if my floor has clothes, shoes, and mail all over it or my kitchen counters have dirty dishes or groceries still lining them.

To get things done, personally, I thrive in a clean space. So I need to change these habits. A schedule, routine, breaking bad habits, switching chores with Drew, getting off my butt a little more often, whatever it takes. I’m tired of not having a beautiful, perfectly clean house. My goal this season, and hopefully forever is to find that compromise and plan to create a pristine environment for myself.

Experiment with DIYs.
I have very recently gotten into DIYs. As of this week, I have a new board on Pinterest just of DIYs I want to try out, and they’re almost all for decorating and house stuff. There’s a lot I can’t do at the moment because of our renting situation at our complex, but I’m aiming to start doing some crafts and DIYs this season. If it’s beautifying a vase, or creating my own watercolor pictures to hang up, I’d like to give it a try. One of the most exciting projects I’ve been eyeing is how to make my own tufted, gorgeous headboard. Uhm hello $1,000 saved! I’ve always been too nervous to do big DIYs like that, but I think it’s about time I branched out and tried my hand at something new.

Town house searching.
I think it is safe to say that by the end of the year, Drew and I will be moving out our one bedroom apartment and will start renting a town home. I have a pretty specific list of requirements for this new house, so as of now, the search is on! It’s a pretty long, tiring, discouraging process, even though we’re just renting (I couldn’t imagine having to go through the process of buying right now!). So it’s my goal to keep checking my daily Zillow emails and be ready to snag our perfect, new home-sweet-home.

Keep pinning!
I know this goal sounds silly, but there’s not much I can do in our apartment at the moment. With our new (hopefully soon) town home, I want to almost start from scratch. Having actual color schemes, buy a new couch, paint the walls, have my own office, actually having a dinning room/kitchen area to eat in, and so on. I don’t want to get new furniture or knick knacks or have too many DIYs that I’ll have to store or return or paint over by the time I have to move. In the mean time I need to keep getting inspiration, keep pinning, keep gearing up for an actual, homey, beautiful space!

Pinterest has some of the most amazing house inspirations I have ever seen. These are just ten of the thousands of pins and ideas that are bouncing around my boards and head. I cannot wait to dig in this season and hopefully create a home I’m proud of.

So maybe until I move, I have to throw myself into figuring out how to keep a tidy home. That is a huge task in itself after all. But the second I have rooms, and a kitchen, and a space we can work with, I’m going to be insanely busy, crafty, and happy.

— Brey

20 thoughts on “Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Home.

  1. I think this is an amazing idea for designers and Realtors for that matter to be able to get inside their client’s heads! If I were either one I’d create my own app w/ questions and then they could pin their answers! Love your taste!


  2. A clean house is a struggle, but ironically enough doing a little bit each day as helped my house stay clean.
    Good luck with you DIY items, they really are a lot of fun when you are able to get to them without all of the clutter.
    Decoration wise, go room by room and buy items that you like for the space. It took me a year to decorate the townhouse we are living in now.
    Good luck!

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  3. LOVE THIS POST! I have recently gotten into DIY projects myself. These posts have been a huge inspiration to me, so thank you 🙂


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