Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Fitness.

For the past few months, my workout routines have been stop and go, love and hate. I’ve been trying out easy ideas, skipping days, and overall, not gaining any ground. I’ve come to realize that what I’ve been pushing myself to do is too sporadic, not what I enjoy, and not challenging me in the ways that I want. For this new season, I am determined to find a workout routine that is a good fit for me.

I’m not looking to lose weight or be our contemporary ideal of “skinny”. I’m looking to be strong, fit, empowered. I want a well rounded, energizing, strengthening workout routine. And especially one that I can keep up with. Working full time, blogging part time, being a wife, puppy mom, house warmer, and so on, is a lot to take on. I want to make being healthy a priority, both in the gym and in the kitchen. But I still need to it fit seamlessly into my life. I think to get that to happen, I’ll need to keep experimenting with what works best for me and makes me excited to put on a sports bra.

Walking and reaching my step goal.
Out of all my Workout Wednesdays and all my workouts I’ve tried in the past, my favorite by far was with my Pinterest workout that focused mainly on walking. I loved getting up and moving, pacing myself, and being outside. Especially with fall coming around the corner, brisk nights, and sweet chilly days are the perfect weather to trek in. Strolls paired with my new job which will have me running around all day long, will keep me moving and reach my step count every day. Which also, I am raising from the easy 7,000 steps. I am not sure how high I should push it, but I know after the first few days at my job, I’ll come a robust conclusion.

Gym vs. Home.
For the past four months, I have been experimenting with at home workouts and sessions at my neighborhood gym. While I’ve loved focusing my workouts in a two foot radius of my couch, I can’t help but feel that maybe at home workouts just aren’t for me. When I go to the gym, I push myself harder, spend more time exercising, and do a much wider range of workouts. I am deciding now to retire my at home workout plans, and visit the gym a minimum of two times a week. I am hoping to find a way to still incorporate both settings into a seamless routine that works best for my schedule, and my fitness.

Stretching vs. Yoga.
Instead of working out at home, I hope to transition into stretching at home! One of my main fitness goals is to be more flexible (and possibly get the splits?), so I’m motivated to integrate it into my routine. At the moment, I don’t see myself running to the gym every other day, but I still want to push myself more than twice a week. I think having strengthening and slow stretches done at home, on my own time, being paired with bi-weekly gym workouts is the perfect compromise.
I am currently in the midst of my month with yoga, but I’m still not in love with it yet. For me personally, there’s just something so tedious about it. I will finish out my month, but after that, I’ll be on the hunt for more at home stretching pins and ideas. I hope that while I gain strength and flexibility in the coming months, that maybe in the future, yoga will be of greater use and easier for me to accomplish.

Between my new job, walking, going to the gym twice a week, stretching, and transforming my eating habits, I hope to completely rejuvenate not only my workout routine, but my overall health as well. I am still unsure of how to piece all these goals together into something I can accomplish on a weekly basis. But within the first few weeks of fall, I’ll be able to feel out what is best for me, and what is attainable with a little bit hard work.

— Brey

15 thoughts on “Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Fitness.

  1. Strength and flexibility has been on my list to work on for a while (especially doing the splits!). I personally prefer Pilates over Yoga and maybe that might be something you might like to try;) You will do great!

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  2. Good for you! I’ve tried the at-home workouts as well and turned out to be an epic fail. There are too many things that grab your attention…at the gym, its all about the workout. I’ve always wanted to try yoga. With my kids and being a ft college student, I’m super stressed. I think yoga would be a great way to step out of the day-to-day routines and just focus on breathing and relaxing. Keep us apprised! I look forward to reading your “Life as a Pinterest board”.


  3. Awesome! I’m working on my habits too! I’m prone to trying to change things all at once so I keep telling myself baby steps. I like how you’re experimenting to find what works specifically for you.

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  4. Your so inspiring. I recommend apps like pump up and 7 minutes. Pump up will make a custom workout that suits your ability and fitness goal.


  5. I totally know the difficulty of finding the perfect workout routine! I finally found my favorite exercise in climbing. Which is, for me, equal parts balance, flexibility, and strength (both mental and physical). Stay motivated and I’m sure you’ll find the right fit!

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  6. I only wish I could have the motivation to diet and exercise. I have tried what seems like 100 different diet and exercise routines. It only results in me skipping days, or losing my patients and giving up because I am not seeing any results. I recently started just eating healthy and not worrying about calorie intake or carb intake…etc. Just eating healthy. That has worked for a while. Then I started incorporating running into it every morning. Then I got sick and it all fell apart. Now I just don’t have the motivation to start again because I feel like I got no results and I will be starting school next week. Will I have time? See me making excuses? Ugh. Sorry for the rambling. Anyway, I am glad you are sticking to what you want to do. Good luck! If you don’t mind could you also check out my blog? I just started yesterday and it would mean a lot to me. https://luckyhollie.wordpress.com

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