Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Cooking.

Out of all my categories I mentioned yesterday (pretty much just look up at my tabs to see the list), there is only one that I am completely neglecting in my life. It’s not even neglect at this point, I’m going into the red when it comes to this. At the moment, I do not cook. I can’t even remember the last time I went to the grocery store for something other than dog food and water bottles and oatmeal packets. I haven’t cooked a meal that took more than fifteen minutes in months, or one that took more than an hour in over a year.

Drew and I have been eating most of our meals out, which honestly, with Chipotle leftovers, $3 kid meals at Pei Wei, and a lack of money going into weekly grocery trips, it hasn’t been that expensive eating out almost every night. For this past, busy season of my life, it was actually good for me to have this habit. Every night I was getting prepared, healthy, delicious food. Drew and I probably haven’t been this healthy in our lives when it comes to our dinner diets! But because we hate fast food joints (hello bloated, gross regret), we only have about four favorite restaurants in a good price range, and our meals have been getting a little old.

These cooking goals will go hand in hand with changing my fitness and health goals as well. Even though I’ve been eating much better dinners lately, I haven’t gotten rid of a few bad eating habits. But, with my plan of my daily oatmeal for breakfast, prepared lunches everyday, and a handful of cooked dinners a week, I won’t have as much space for binging on snacks, skipping meals, or sneaking a few sodas. This will regulate my meals and make myself a happier, healthier, more well rounded version of myself.

More than all of that that though, I want to cook. I love the feeling of putting a nice, home cooked meal out on the dinner table. I always felt accomplished and happy afterwards. Not to mention that I can’t help but notice tons of absolutely mouth watering ideas all of Pinterest that I think would be a blast to try. How can I not be tempted to push myself back into the kitchen? It’s about time I gave it real effort and a try.

Besides, this is the best time of the year to be stuck in the kitchen! With fall weather hopefully approaching fast, I can gear up my crock pot, stir up some spaghetti, and slow cook some amazing chili and stew. Chilly autumn dinners are always the most delicious.

So, with all of that being said, here’s a quick rundown on some objectives I’ll be dispersing throughout the next few installments of my monthly goals.

Packed lunches everyday.
Even if I didn’t want to start cooking regularly, with my new job I have to bring a packed lunch everyday. I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do for this predicament, but I am grateful to be forced to have an easy cooking routine right off the bat. During my old job, I had been skipping lunches and eating sporadically (usually junky snacks), so I’m thrilled to have a routine and a healthy alternative coming up.

Two home cooked meals a week.
Starting soon, I am determined to cook at least two home cooked meals a week. This can be any number of mix matched meals and ideas. A weekend lunch and week night dinner might be easy to start with. Or maybe two week night dinners in a row, or two extravagant meals in one day! Whatever the case may be for that week, I am going to push myself to be in that kitchen twice, cooking up a storm. I truly hope that by the end of the year, I can change this goal to a much higher number, or will be already doing so.

Grocery shopping and meal planning.
I have seen a lot of bloggers share their meal plans online. I always thought that was a great idea and something I needed to implement into my life if I ever got into cooking. This will help me be prepared when it comes time to cook, as well as save lots of money and hassle. I cannot tell you how many times I go to the store to grab something I was missing from a recipe or because I didn’t notice I ran out until that moment. Or how many times I buy frivolous things that I think I’ll eat, but never do. Or even how many times I roam the grocery store and my own pantry just wondering what I should eat. No more! I am aiming to make a broad weekly meal plan, and then a simple grocery list with all the ingredients and food I need for that week.

A Pinterest cook book.
I had this idea recently, and I will try to get around to this soon. I am terrible at following directions and reading on a screen. I need paper and pictures helping me follow along. So, I decided to sit down some time very soon and write up a few dozen recipes I find on Pinterest, and print them into a binder. That way, when I’m making my weekly meal plan and grocery list, all my recipes and ideas are right there in front of me. It’ll also make the actual cooking process that much more enjoyable for me.

I am so excited to get working in the kitchen this fall. These pictures above are just a small taste of some of the mouth watering recipes I have pinned on Pinterest. Healthy, smart, fun lifestyle, here I come!

— Brey

25 thoughts on “Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board // Cooking.

  1. Such a good idea! I find it is really hard to cook when you don’t have any inspiration so I love your idea to have a pintrest inspired cookbook! Also since you work, try some recipes with a crockpot. They make preparing a meal really simple! You basically put everything in a pot and let it simmer all day.


  2. Just a suggestion. Maybe you and Drew could take a cooking class together. You might get some fast, easy, and healthy recipes. You can get stuck in a rut. And it could be a wonderful bonding activity.


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  3. I cook at least 3-4 times a week. It use to be hard for me to bring my lunch because all of my coworkers would eat out. This year I have done really well with bringing my lunch all thanks to all those yummy quick recipes on Pinterest. I love your blog by the way 🙂


  4. Girl I literally started drooling at the picture of those darn French fries!! I’m the same way with reading instructions & ingredients off of a screen on Pinterest… I’m so much better with a book or random sheets of paper. That’s such a great idea just to print them off and make your own little book! Great post lovely!


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