Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board.

I’ve always been a goal oriented person. A list maker, a planner, a dreamer. I’ve always known what I wanted and set out at full speed to accomplish it. I even have daily, monthly, and yearly to-do lists that have and still do motivate and remind me how to create success. I had my perfect five, ten, and even twenty year plan all set by the time I was fifteen. And up until 2015, I was right on schedule, maybe even ahead of my own curve! Then my train flew off the tracks somewhere in January and honestly, I’ve been a little lost ever since.

I’ve regrouped, reevaluated, and am creating new plans. This derailment has brought on a lot of new obstacles and things to consider. It’s all kind of thrown me for a loop and this summer was a miserable season both weather wise and for my life. But! A new season in every since in upon me. My favorite time of the year is nearing, I am finishing my last shift as a nanny (ever) this evening, my new job is just days away from starting, I have new hobbies, new hopes, and a new plan of action.

I am turning my life into a giant, wonderful, real Pinterest board.

This week I am abandoning my Workout Wednesdays and Bingeable installments, I am postponing the four or five finished posts that are waiting in drafts, and plunging into a new week long series breaking down exactly what I mean by “turning my life into a Pinterest board”. For the last six days of my summer “break”, I don’t have to work, I don’t have to go anywhere, and I am going to share each day, one of the six segments of my life I will be aiming to evolve.

Between my monthly goals for the rest of the year and this thorough plan I’m unveiling, I hope to keep my self accountable and back on a long term plan I can be excited about.

Before this whole week flies by, let me explain a little bit about these ideas and dreams.

I spend a lot of time stalking blogs and browsing Pinterest and finding jaw dropping inspiration. I’ll add a lot of new pins to my boards from sites I’ve enjoyed and just from Pinterest’s feed, I’ve pinned over 6,600 pictures. I’ll sit for hours, day dreaming and being impressed by the millions of pictures I scroll past. Recently it hit me though. Why don’t I make my life that amazing? Why don’t I dress like that, or make my house look like that, or be as strong and fit as those girls? What’s stopping me from making my everyday life around me just as beautiful as my Pinterest boards?

So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to practice and craft and learn how to do all those things I’ve been wanting to do, been dreaming about, feel jealous of.

Home and DIYs.

These are the categories I want to grow into. I am so excited to even just share with you all more details and my goals for each of those this week, let alone achieve them. And I do understand that these posts are maybe less entertaining and more for me. For accountability and venting and dreaming. But, I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.

— Brey

44 thoughts on “Turning My Life Into a Pinterest Board.

  1. sounds like a plan I must say! My pinterest boards are pretty to look at too. I started this exact plan (more or less) in January just gone, I learnt to crochet and now sell my items online and started making my Bohemian Style Jewelry again so whatever plans you have, stick at it you will have the greatest life satisfaction feeling EVER. Those categories are mint. I need to add a few more to mine. health & fitness I think. anyway I shall follow your blog and see how you do! Return the favour?! id like to keep in touch – B xx

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