Bingeable // Friends.

You can’t have a binge watching series without mentioning the renowned, possibly most famous binge worthy show of all time: Friends.

I always try to convince people to get Netflix, for so so so so many reasons. But one of the reasons is so you can have an easy, reliable way to watch a series through. I didn’t have the luxury of having my favorite TV shows at my disposal, in order, all in one place up until a few years ago. So, before Netflix finally put the entire series of Friends up, I had seen pretty much every episode, multiple times, in completely random order. It was such a relief to finally see the pilot (which I hadn’t seen before) all the way to the second part of the finale (which I also had never seen before) and not missing anything in between.

If you argue that, like me, you’ve seen all the Thanksgiving reruns, all the weddings, and all the silliness at some point, I can testify that it is a completely different experience watching the show in order. While each episode of Friends is great as a stand alone watch and will always cheer me up, it was so much funnier and wonderful to see it all the way through. It is 100% worth the rewatch.

Why I watched it.
As mentioned above, over the years, I have seen hundreds of Friends episodes. Lots of reruns, lots of recordings, and lots of late night Nick at Night sessions. It had always cracked me up and I loved it. When Netflix picked it up, I knew I had to delve in for the long haul and watch it through.

My love for this show grew so much during that time. Maybe I’m older, maybe it really was just seeing the whole story through, or maybe it was just a new experience of me watching it in my own home for the first time. Whatever it was, Friends moved from just a funny show to watch if nothing else was on, to one of my all time favorite TV shows. The characters all connect with me on so many levels, in so many ways. I get so wrapped up in their drama and silliness, and after almost one hundred hours, I feel like I personally know them. This show is so heartwarming, hysterical, and lovable. It even has an extremely unique quality of being rewatchable. I could totally see myself in a year or two, with nothing watch and restarting the entire series. And I know I would love it even more after another binge. This show is truly special.

Why you should watch it.
This is one of those very rare shows that stay consistent with it’s theme and quality. Friends is even more rare because they keep that consistency for ten whole seasons. Yes, the characters grow and become different, the plot fluctuates, and things change. But, you’re following the cast around for over nine years, of course things won’t be the same! Honestly, I think that’s what makes this show so great. I can connect with the characters at the beginning of the series. Sometimes having not that much money, job searching, moving out on your own for the first time. I can laugh at those jokes and their situations. But as they get older, I can relate to getting married, wanting to buy a house, maturing and growing up in some sense. I’m there, I get those jokes and can connect with them on that level too.

And no matter what season, I can still laugh and smile through every episode. The love (and annoyance) of each character, the whacky, hilarious hijinks they always find themselves in, and even the realness of some of their situations make this show genuine and endearing. On top of that, every once in a while there’s a scene or an episode that is above and beyond. I have cried from laughing so hard, as well as how touching certain parts are. And some how, even if you’re binging it as quickly as I did when I finally got my hands on it on Netflix, it doesn’t get old. There is a reason this show is considered a classic.

Where to watch it.
You can watch Friends on Google Play and Amazon Prime and best of all, Netflix!

How long it will take.
With 236 episodes, this is one of the longest shows I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Throughout the ten seasons, you’ll spend about 90 hours glued to your screen. With it’s easy, fun watchability and many binge worthy characteristics, you can lay back and easily enjoy a bunch of episodes in one sitting. Friends truly is the original, perfect, bingeable show.

— Brey

46 thoughts on “Bingeable // Friends.

  1. I love Netflix and I love friends. One of my favourite series of all time, it still makes me laugh as much today as it did when I first watched it. A really good-natured tv show.


  2. My favorite show, through and through. I’ve seen it all the way through at least three times and own all of the seasons on DVD and can pretty much quote the show as its happening. Let’s just say I love this post! 🙂


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