Six Years.

Even though I’ve been married to Drew for just over a year, today marks our sixth anniversary of being a couple. In celebration of this, I decided to share with you all one photo from each our anniversaries!

Just a month after we made it official, this was our first photo as a couple.

We weren’t able to celebrate our one year anniversary together, but we stuck through that first year and all it’s craziness.

I barely have any pictures of us together that year, let alone on our anniversary. But this was from that August, right before our two year anniversary.

Celebrating our third anniversary in the mountains, riding horses, watching sunsets. This was our first anniversary we got to spend together!

Celebrating our fourth anniversary at the beach, riding mopeds, feeding llamas, and so much more. This was a truly wonderful day.

Last year we booked a cabin and escaped to the mountains for our five year anniversary.


No beaches, or mountains, but we got to spend a quiet night enjoying 6 very long, weird, happy years.

Here’s to many more!

— Brey

71 thoughts on “Six Years.

  1. My husband and I have been married since January of this year, which also marked our 7 year anniversary as a couple:) Sad to say we really don’t have many pics together. We need to get on a roll with them!

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