My Month with Yoga // Week two.

For the first time in a while, I did not complete my workout goal for the week. On the bright side, I still did two days worth of yoga and I reached my daily walking goals multiple times and I honestly feel kind of accomplished for getting through this week in one piece. While working out or not.

There were more than a couple of reasons why I didn’t complete my yoga goals this week. There is the fact that I was out of the house from sun up to sun down all weekend, the fact that I was feeling extremely blue, but honestly, the main fact is, I’m not in love with yoga.

Now, I’m not in love with the other exercises I’ve been doing so far either… But I’m really not in love with it. Yet?

I want love yoga. Like, very badly. I want to be one of those cool yoga gurus that can stand on their head with their legs in the splits and meditate. Unfortunately so far, I cannot seem to get into the groove of it. Maybe I don’t feel the burn yet, or I haven’t given it enough time, or it’s just truly not for me. I guess I have the rest of the month to figure it out, hopefully this coming week will shed more light on my doubts.

This week I am using another app, this one is called Fit Star Yoga. It seems similar to Sworkit, but a little less polished. In Fit Star’s defense, their amount of workout options seem to greatly outnumber Sworkits. Although, most seem to have be unlocked by buying the premium version. The only other difference I can see is that Fit Star’s workouts seem to be much longer. This may be bad on my part, but I’d rather workout a bunch times throughout the week, for quick bursts, then a couple times for a long while.


But now that I’m forced to try longer routines, I’m hoping this will allow me to really get a feel of yoga and be immersed in it. I also won’t be able to cut corners because I only have to get myself on the mat twice. I’ll aim for doing two sessions this week, which will total to about 45 minutes.

I hope this week is better, in every sense.

— Brey

33 thoughts on “My Month with Yoga // Week two.

  1. I have felt the same way and thought maybe I was alone in this! I’ve tried and just don’t get it. I’ve never gone to a class, either though, so that could be true for some people.. I’ve been attending BodyPump classes, and there is one specific day that I go to where everyone in the room has a type of energy that gets you going. Maybe that would do the trick with yoga!

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