Q&A Session Announcement.

Last night while cleaning out my email inbox, I browsed through my 10,000 spam notifications for a few minutes. It didn’t take me long to realize that all my messages (through my Contact page) sent directly to me, ended up in that folder. I felt horrible that all these encouraging notes and thoughtful questions ended up being unanswered and unread! If by any chance you dropped me an email in the past three months, I am so sorry.

To fix this I decided three things.

1. I created an email just for Ordinary Adventures. This way I have one place to see all my mail and can even reply using a neutral email.

2. To fix my email service with WordPress and make sure I only get emails from my Contact page (and not every time someone comments, likes, or follows me). And most importantly, that they end up in my new inbox, not my spam folder.

3. This is by far my favorite solution: host a Question and Answer session. Tomorrow (Tuesday, August 11), I will be on WordPress from 10am to 6pm EST, answering, to the best of my ability, any questions or comments you may have for me!

Have a question about my theme or a WordPress problem? I can definitely try to help work it out with you!
Have a question about my pets or job or hobbies? I’d love to talk about it!
Have a question about blogging? I can’t promise you’ll love the answers, but I’ll be as honest and helpful as I can be!

I’m so excited to sit down with you all and have you guys get to know me a little bit more. So don’t forget to get your questions ready and stop by tomorrow!

— Brey

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