Guest Post: Bingeable // Firefly.

My wife is dead for the day, so she needed some help writing a post. Don’t expect too much from me though, there’s a reason I got a degree that required no creative writing whatsoever.

I heard about Firefly because everyone on the internet was so upset about a great show getting canceled. It took me a while to get around to watching it, but that’s only because I don’t really watch television on my own much in general. But I like having a show to watch with Brey, and when we got Netflix a few years back and saw that Firefly was available, it was one of my first picks.

I knew I was going to like it the instant I heard the opening guitar riff.

Don’t fear reavers and watch this show.
I haven’t really seen a sci-fi I didn’t like, and Firefly was not an exception. Joss Whedon’s writing style, with its quirky humor and memorable quotes, complements the show’s unique setting and atmosphere. The recurring theme in this show is summed up from a lyric from the theme song, which says, “you can’t take the sky from me”.

I really like the grungy, space cowboy motif of Firefly. It brings the best of both the western and science fiction worlds, making it really fun to watch and adding a lot of personality to the series. Sadly, the space western genre is very underdeveloped, mostly occurring in anime such as Cowboy Bebop and Trigun (both worth watching in their own right). Even though there is a lot of standard action/adventure plot in Firefly, it has a distinct emphasis on character development with a diverse group of people dealing with unique situations. The lead character MalcolmReynolds (played by Nathan Fillion) is interesting and mysterious enough that you’ll want to follow his story the second he is introduced. The rest of his ragtag crew will soon follow.

Anyone who likes sci-fi will like Firefly. And even if that isn’t normally your thing, the witty dialogue and likable characters make it easy to love. Maybe even enough to watch it all in one sitting if you’re having one of THOSE weekends. There is so much attention to detail and interesting nuances that add a lot to the experience. In only a dozen or so episodes, I felt immersed in the Firefly world. Part of what makes a show interesting for me is not, “here’s some action and a story”. A good show makes me think “if I was in that situation, what would I do or how would I feel?”. It takes you into it’s own world for a little bit.

Where to watch it.
You can watch Firefly on Netflix. And if you don’t have Netflix, well let’s be real you probably have Netflix.

How long it will take.
What are there, fifteen episodes, at around 45 minutes a piece… right? I should probably look this up.

Each episode is usually a stand-alone plot line, and mostly without cliffhangers. So if you’re like me and prefer spacing out shows to one episode a day, it will feel natural. Or maybe that makes me crazy, WHO KNOWS.

~ Drew

30 thoughts on “Guest Post: Bingeable // Firefly.

  1. This show is one of the most fun and sarcastic shows I’ve ever seen and I love it! I like to binge watch this show probably about once every year and sometimes I even throw in the movie for funsies. I’m in love with the whole crew, but completely wild about Jayne, despite his man-ape tendencies. It’s a shame that FOX couldn’t air the episodes in order when it was on TV because they probably could have had several seasons.

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  2. Always love for Firefly. I remember when it was on TV but didn’t watch it then. Damn you FOX. I do own it and watch it regularly, though it has been a while now….

    Serenity was good but a bit darker and mainstreamed for functionality. There are of course comics and RPG’s now. So all is still flyin’ in the ‘Verse.

    This reminds me that I keep talking about going back and watching BSG again. There is an example of what a show can be if it gets the proper forum and support. If only Firefly had gotten that.


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