My Month With Yoga // Week one.

This week was another successful week of working out and staying healthy. I kicked my butt (literally!) 4x and completed my goal. This past month of using the Daily Workout Apps was fun, yet it still pushed me. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to try working out at home to look these apps up. It doesn’t let you cut anything short and is amazing accountability. I know as someone who still struggles with keeping active, it kept me responsible and moving, even when I was ready to give up.

This month has been rewarding and I proud of the workouts I did and the time well spent. Although, I will say I’m happy to move on and try something totally new this month!

For the month of August, I’ve decided to try out yoga for the very first time. I’m very excited to spend the next four weeks introducing myself to yoga. I’ve watched as yoga has become outstandingly popular and totally hip and exquisitely challenging, yet never ventured into trying it. As time has gone on, I’ve begun to question that. When it comes to my body, I want three things.
1. To be healthy.
2. To be strong.
3. To be flexible.
That’s the dream! And yet, as I’ve done my research, it seems that yoga can help me achieve all three. So, I’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about.


For the coming month, I have blogs, apps, and Pinterest boards to help me experience and experiment with practicing yoga. But this week, I’m gong to pull out an app I’ve been really excited to try out. I’ve heard great reports and conversations about it, and recently I found out it has a section dedicated to yoga! It’s called *Sworkit, and it’s similar to the Daily Workout Apps, but it seems a bit more refined. It has more options, a cleaner interface, more time choices, longer workouts, and so many options, it’s crazy.


All these photos are screen shots taken from my phone, and as you can see above, even under the yoga section, I have a bunch of choices of what I want to accomplish. I can see myself wanting to try each of these, and maybe exploring this app for more than one week. We’ll have to see how it all goes. On that note, I can also see myself wanting to extend my month with yoga through September, at the least. I know yoga takes time, practice, patience. Your body learns and grows and becomes stronger every session and every day. I’m open to giving yoga lots of time, and lots of effort.

For this week I am going to aim for two 10 minute workouts and two 5 minute workouts. That way I have a chance to try out every option, but also work my body a fair amount. I’m really looking forward to reporting back next week with the first response on how it went.

— Brey

28 thoughts on “My Month With Yoga // Week one.

  1. Hey Brey……..I am glad You chose Yoga to get a healthy body……Its true You have to patient… as its a slow thing. Dont only focus on technique but Yoga is actually a way of life. You got to eat healthy, Think healthy in addition. So try incorporating meditation to your daily routine. Together they are capable of doing wonders.

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  2. I would also recommend yoga with Adrienne – she’s fantastic. And I hope you enjoy your month of yoga! I started years ago but just rediscovered a regular weekly practice and I had forgotten how much I love it. I always walk away feeling uplifted and strong, both mentally and physically. Good luck 🙂

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  3. I remember when I was introduced to yoga and it really was a life changer for me. My wife and I now have been doing it together everyday. I know this post is a bit old but I have never heard about that app and I will definitely check it out. I look forward to seeing more posts and reading through your current ones.


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