What’s in My bag.

The answer is: not much.

But to be fair, this title is misleading. For the past five years or more, I have not carried a purse with me.

Yet I’ve seen others write this title and posts and pictures everywhere, and I’ve been itching to show you guys what I grab when I run out the door! While, yes, I don’t have a purse, I do have to take stuff with me. Any day of the week, no matter what I’m doing, or where I’m going, I know I have to grab my phone and my keys. Then I run out the door!

I have always felt restricted and weighed down by a purse. I never liked hauling one around, making sure I had it with me, and it just made me uncomfortable in general. When I did carry one, I’d always be worried I’d misplace it, or lose it, it’d get in the way, or get stolen. As someone who barely wears make up, doesn’t carry cash, doesn’t use a paper planner, has all her books, a camera, maps, entire music collection, and TV on her phone, there really isn’t a need for me to carry anything else. My phone is always in my hand or pocket, so I never had to worry about misplacing it, or someone stealing it, or me putting it down somewhere and forgetting (which I’ve done with purses in the past way too many times).

I had continued my on again/off again relationship with purses until I completely stopped carrying one when I went to college. I hated the thought of having to carry my backpack and a purse and my phone (which I always wanted with me, not in a purse). The few times I brought a purse to class, I actually left it under my desk multiple times. So I decided to just not carry one any more. Even when I wasn’t in class, my new habit stuck with me and I never looked back. My phone is glued to me. I love that I don’t carry much else and that I’ve found alternatives that fit my needs!

For as long as I’ve been driving and can remember, I have had a phone case that has held my license and money. Before I realized that I could buy wallet cases, I’d even stick my cards in the back of my cases and shuffle along. A few years back, I discovered a handful of wonderful cases that doubled as wallets, and I never looked back.

Right now I am using a Skinu case for my iPhone 5s, which I nabbed off Amazon for literally just a few bucks. Not only is it extremely durable, it is also slim, cute, light weight, and perfect for my needs. I have one slot for my credit card, and one for my license. What else does a girl need?

— Brey

31 thoughts on “What’s in My bag.

  1. This is fantastic. I carry a lot more than you do but still not too much. I feel like I need to be prepared for anything. I actually started the exact same post and was just about to publish! Mine will be up soon.

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  2. I love the thought of a case like that for my phone! That’s something that never even crossed my mind, and would be very convenient for work days so I don’t have to shuffle my wallet from my purse to my backpack I use for work and back again at the end of the day.

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  3. When I traveled as a consultant I hated having to carry my purse along with the laptop bag, suitcase, and anything else. A few years ago I stopped carrying a purse too. My reason was twofold. Yes they are bulky and I wind up leaving them where I shouldn’t. But lately it has been because I prefer to be less of a target when it comes to thieves. Besides, I get along with a slim wallet in one pocket and my phone in the other. I use to carry everything but the kitchen sink, especially when my children were little. Funny how we can adapt when we really want to.

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      1. I have the LG G3 ▶ ordered SKINU in Metal Slate color on Amazon. Thanks.
        Brïdgêtté 📞


  4. I used to only ever carry a tiny wallet that was big enough to hold my phone, card and lip balm/gloss. But everyone would remark how weird it was and I felt stupidly pressured to have a bag by my friends who were always comparing theirs. I now have an oversized one that still only carries those three items – the only time it’s full (and useful) is if I shove my coat in it! Lesson to me to not succumb to peer pressure!!

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      1. I may have to invest, I’ve never even thought of having one. But then I’ve never had a phone case at all, stupidly thinking I’m ultra careful. Probably jinxed myself now and will smash the screen within 3 minutes!!


  5. 🙂 I repaired a secretaries shoulder bag strap recently, she left it with me and went back to reception and for ages I looked at it and thought shall I should I have a look inside? Well curiosity got the better of me I unzipped it and took a peak and lol it was an absolute tip with nothing much actually there!


  6. That’s a cool case! I am very minimalist, too, and over the years my purses have gotten smaller and smaller. My current is my favorite so far because it’s a cross body that I often forget it’s there when I have it on. If I wore jeans with pockets all the time, I could definitely see myself doing what you did. (I may regardless! It just increases the likelihood of me losing my phone, which is scary my card and license are with it!)

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  7. People take a purse to college as well as a backpack? Haha I must be a minimalist then! Never leave for college without 2 pens, my phone and a notebook so never feel the need to even carry a bag of any kind if the 4 items fit neatly into a pocket

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  8. Ack! I have to carry a fairly decent size bag. You are lucky. My bag has to have my inhaler (I have asthma), chapstick, lipstick, a fan-in the summer, my wallet which separates Yen and Dollars, my phone, my keys, hand sanitizer, small hand lotion, sunglasses with a case because when the sunglasses go on the eyeglasses come off, breath mints and tissue because some of the bathrooms here don’t have toilet paper.

    Those are the must have on me items.

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  9. I have to admit that your title grabbed me because I was curious what you would post. I, myself, also never carry a purse around. I think they’re silly and since I don’t wear makeup, well, I’ve just always put the two together in my mind. So, not wearing makeup meant that I didn’t need a purse to carry all of it around in. Instead, I stick with my backpack full of notebooks and sketchbooks for my artwork and writing. Plus whatever I’m currently reading. Other than that, I just keep my phone and iPad nearby for when they are necessary.


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  10. I loathe having to carry around a purse. My boyfriend makes fun of me because if I REALLY have to have a bag to carry around, I’ll carry a canvas bag around. It’s got an octopus and is rather stylish, IMHO. Ha! Oh, and just last week, I had to retrace my steps to find my debit card on the ground next to a bus stop after it had fallen out of my pocket. Oops!

    It’s pretty much necessary that I have to check this out. Thanks for posting!

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