August Goals.

July is over. We are well past half way through the year and fall is just around the corner. School is about to start, the temperatures will hopefully subside a little, and the routine of everything will come back into place. This month my world will simultaneously be turned into a hectic, crazy whirlwind, while still somehow being a complete, wonderful game changer. I am so excited for August and the coming season!

But before I get ahead of myself, I want to talk about this past month’s goals. July was the opposite of a well structured, routine filled, happy month. It was too hot everyday, the days were too long, and the semblance of a pattern for my day to day life was no where in sight. For someone who thrives on a schedule, I was a little overwhelmed. Some how I was still able to completely destroy my month’s goal list.
– For a whole week I was able to successfully eat clean and follow my eating plan almost perfectly. I was doubtful at first, but it turned out to be a great week. You can read about that experience here.
– I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone and really experiment and grow OA. While I still remained in some financial and creative thresholds, I am proud of the amount and quality of work I produced this month.
– My goal of remaining active 4x a week was mostly a success. There were some days that I really had to push myself, but I tried my best to keep my body moving and motivation high.
– My final goal for July was to thoroughly clean and organize my upstairs loft area. It was a complete disaster by the time I got up there, and some how I changed it around in a number of hours. While the rest of the house has gotten a little messy from everyday life over the past weeks, the upstairs portion is just as spotless! You can check out the room’s final results here.

I extremely proud of the work I accomplished last month and am very happy to report that I stayed on track! I can only hope that I can say the same September first. This is going to be a crazy, wonderful August.

I’m going to go easy on myself this month. My teaching job starts at the end of August, and a new, full time schedule will be put in place. With that, lunches will have to be packed, alarms have to be set earlier, routines have to be transformed, and everything will be a brand new experience for me. And in the mean time, I have a few weeks of tons of work hours, closing out my old jobs, getting prepared mentally and physically for my new one, writing, blogging, cleaning and so much more that I want to do before the 26th. Meshing all that together, I’ll be happy to have my head on straight when September comes around. There’s so many creative and interesting things and goals I’d love to push myself to try and achieve but I’m going to be shocked if I accomplish the list I have now! I’ll look forward to focusing on style, writing, cooking, crafts, and other creative outlets when life calms down a little and my routine steps in. I’m itching to get started on all that, but for the time being, I have boring, yet important things to set in place. I don’t need to set up too many extra challenges for myself this month, my main goal is just to stay sane!

1. Get everything in order for my new job. I’m not talking about cleaning and organizing here. I’m talking more about starting to get ideas for meal prepping, changing my sleep schedule, getting a joint bank account for my direct deposit, filing for health insurance through my new benfits, etc. There’s a lot of little loose ends I need to tie up before my 9-5 takes over my life.

– Tidy up everything. Ok, this is talking about cleaning and organizing. Luckily for me, most of July I was doing heavy duty clean outs, so all that’s left is making sure everything is in it’s right place. Before my new job, I’d want my car cleaned on the inside, washed on the out, work clothes organized, and everything tidied up.

– Further my blogging education. One of my favorite things I did during July was taking my Blog Life e-course. I learned so much and really jump started OA’s transformation. This month I want to tackle my photography e-course and really delve into learning the ins and outs of the blogging world.

Keep myself together. No really. This is going to me a nerve raking, stressful, crazy few weeks. I’ll have to be saying goodbye to the families I have worked for for over a year. I’ll be starting my career in education in a school that isn’t even finished being built yet! And I need to segway everything else in my life between those two giant hurdles. All while still focusing on my love and hobby of blogging.

Whew, I am exhausted just typing all this.
Have a great month, everyone!

— Brey

37 thoughts on “August Goals.

  1. Tidying, cleaning and organising are one of those jobs that are so easy to put off, but when you’ve done it, you feel great! I need to do this!

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  2. Its great that you plan things and try to stick to them…Its not true with everyone…I am a teacher too….Have to leave so early to college and when I come back…my entire house is a mess….cause I hv a small monster at home:)…It needs some rest and a cup of tea to start all over again……

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  3. Hi Brey!
    I love your posts! You seem like such a fun person, and we have a lot in common!
    I totally understand the whole getting organized and being on a schedule deal. I thrive most on being organized. Hope you are able to accomplish your goals!

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