Workout Wednesdays // Daily Workout Apps week four.

It was extremely hard to push myself this time around, I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to be successful. I hate doing ab workouts, and it was already a challenge doing four workouts a week, it seemed doomed from the start. At the beginning of this challenge, I told myself that I did not want fall behind or not meet my goal just because I had to focus on my abs. I didn’t want to give up or let myself down because it was going to be a little harder for a few days! I went into this week determined to push through.

I let Wednesday go by, Thursday, Friday flew past me. Suddenly to reach my goal, I was going to have workout everyday in a row. Last night, I had one more workout to go, but before I knew it, it was already midnight. I knew I had to finish my challenge, and I was willing to bend the time restrains just a tad. So at 1:30am technically today (I’m still tacking it on to last week), I finally convinced my tired body, and dragged myself out of bed, and did my workout. While it was pure torture, I am so proud of myself to say that I completed my workout goal this week!

Whew, that was not fun.

What I like most about these apps is that it doesn’t let you cheat. I don’t have to rely on my own set number or timer. I can’t fib the last crunch or speed up my seconds. I came to realize that even with the in app timer for each exercise, I still counted out loud each time, to help distract myself. No surprises here, but I’ve discovered that my counting is way faster than the app, and no, it hasn’t been thirty seconds, just ten. Especially this week with scissor kicks and crunches and mountain climbers, I needed to have accountability. It doesn’t matter how many I do, or how long I think I have left, until I hear that I’m done, I have to keep going! I know for a fact, at the end of the five, or eight minute workout I did, I fulfilled my quota and did a good job.

Now that the hardest challenge this month is behind me, this week should be relatively calm. This time around I’m doing butt workouts, and I’m actually really excited. I always enjoyed these in the past because the exercises usually focuses on toning and strengthening everything in the process. To work your butt, you also have to exercise your back, abs, legs, and sometimes, even arms, depending on the moves. During each day, everything feels the burn in while doing more unique and fun workouts that allow a lot of movement and a lot of options. So this should be fun!

If I was able to get through four ab sessions, reaching four workouts this week should be a breeze!

— Brey

9 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays // Daily Workout Apps week four.

  1. Nice job! I am in the middle of some weight loss goals so I feel your pain. I find myself really struggling this week to push through the exhaustion but I know the end result will all be worth it. Keep up the good work!

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  2. I may have to download this app lol. You should check my blog out! I have a section where I talk just about workouts and workout tips!


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