My Week in Photos // July.

While I was scuttling around all week, I couldn’t help but feel content. I got a lot done, I went at my own pace, got to do things that I actually enjoyed. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

And even though these pictures were all taken from my phone, here’s a little peek into how my busy week flew by.

Saturday – I spent the whole day working. I guess I can’t really complain…

Sunday – I finally finished my Blog Life e-course.

Monday – I sent out my first batch of Happy Mail!Tuesday – I’ve been kind of off my sleep schedule lately…

Wednesday – I was so thankful to have this fan on high going while I was cleaning upstairs.

Thursday – My week’s off checklist was completed on time and with great results!

Friday – Felt a little creative today…

How was your week?

— Brey

12 thoughts on “My Week in Photos // July.

  1. Hi Brey! My week was well, lol, thanks! I just wanted to say that your creative photo is awesome, and I agree that whatever makes us weird is probably our greatest asset! Hope you have a great weekend! ❤

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  2. My week as full of working on my bowling ball yard art….wrapping them up and getting ready to groutt them….exercised every day of the week faithfully to have a 4# weight lost…yay and slept beautifully all week…so I am delighted with my week….have a fun weekend…

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  3. I love that: Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset.” Did you make that up? That is such a wonderful title for a BL g, a book, a conversation, so thought provoking!! Enjoyed the blog. I spent my evenings cat/house sitting.Nice way to earn some extra money.

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