Bingeable // Army Wives.

About month back I had just finished some really terrible ABC Family shows and was left a little discouraged at my choice of TV shows. When I’m in between shows, I get into a kind of slump where I’m bored and lonely and a little stir crazy. It always takes me about a week to finally just force myself to pick a new show at random to get out of the rut. So obviously, I went from ABC Family stupidity and jumped right into Lifetime’s longest running show of all time.

Of course.

No, the story wasn’t that simple actually. I was running on the treadmill at the gym, I had about twenty minutes left and I was beyond bored. I opened up Netflix on my phone and clicked on the first show that came up as a recommended series. It just happened to by Army Wives and up until the series finale, I had no idea it was a Lifetime production. The pilot episode was a pill to swallow, throwing in all the main characters at once, no development, and not the best acting. You follow what you think will be the main character until the shows equally distributes screen time to every member of the friend group. So with all of that, I was a little unsure of my choice until I was a few episodes in. After that hurdle I never looked back (until season seven)!

Why I watched it. This show was great. At least in a bingeable, girly, super dramatic, soap opera, funny way. I laughed, I cried, I literally gasped during multiple occasions. It had all the drama of loving, yet sometimes catty friends, and then the extremes and pain of army lives and war. It was a perfect concoction. I fell in love with each of the wives and loved watching their lives unfold, not matter what turns they faced. It was one of those few shows that each season just got better and better (I’m not counting season seven). Each episode I grew closer to each character and became a little more invested. For me, that’s usually pretty rare for these soap opera type of shows. Usually after one or two seasons the problems and characters get a little old and worn out. But for me, this show was a perfect, lazy, had in the background at all times for three weeks straight, type of show.

Why you should watch it. Let’s not forget, this is a Lifetime production. So if you like sappy, heartfelt, way too dramatized, borderline infuriating, yet will leave you crying during some episodes, TV shows, then this is for you! There’s love, and action, and war, and every type of tragedy possible. No really. These five people will be shot at, deal with multiple bombs, assassins, miscarriages, children dying, them almost dying, them actually dying, infidelity, poverty, drugs, alcohol, suicide, and the list just goes on literally forever and they are not the ones going to war. They’re like in the Grey’s Anatomy of the army bases. But through the six seasons with these wives (and one husband), you totally fall in love with the gang. And yes, I said six seasons, not seven. The seventh season is barely worth watching because they decide to get rid of every single main character, families and all, and throw in like ten new characters you care nothing for. There is a scene in the second to last episode that one of the girls has to pick between the guy she’s met TWICE, or her ex husband who cheated on her and was emotionally abusive. I was cleaning that house at the time and literally walked out of the room not caring to even see who she picked. Yep.. so just gear yourself up for finishing the series and saying goodbye at the end of season six. As I did say though, the six seasons will draw you in and make you care for the people your watching, cheering for, and crying with.

Where to watch it. Netflix!

How long it will take. There is 117 episodes in total in the whole seven seasons. If you want to just watch the good parts, there are 104 great episodes through season six. Luckily they realized their downfalls and had the last season twice as short as all the others. If you’re a completionist like me, you’ll be rooted to your screen for about 85 hours with Army Wives.

Ok, I’ll be honest. Season six ends on a cliff hanger, and you’ll want to watch about the first two to three episodes of season seven to get a good cry in, and have a piece of your soul missing. They bring back all the old characters and it’s quite touching. But then, really, just end it there. And yes, I know now I am being dramatic about season seven, but it’s just so disheartening. I was thoroughly and happily surprised with the show to end up being crushed at the very end. They literally just started a new show with worse characters, a worse plot, and stupid actors. It’s still a little raw for me, as I just finished the series this week. I’m just.. so disappointed.

Otherwise, I highly recommend this show, haha!

— Brey

10 thoughts on “Bingeable // Army Wives.

  1. Did you watch Young and Hungry on abc family yet? I like it alot and binge watch that and Orange is the New Black 🙂


    1. I have watched most of it. I’m not in love, but it’s pretty good!
      When I’m talking about bad ABC Family shows though, I’m mostly talking about Secret Life of the American Teenager and shows around that time.
      I LOVE OITNB, I wrote a Bingeable about it after the latest season came out 🙂


  2. Brey yet again you have drawn me in with your writing and I now want to find out more about this series for myself! Although I must say alot of my time in invested in blogging as I’m really enjoying everything it involves. Including your blog! I must say when I read your blog on slaking sea of shoes I just had to have a look! She is great but I do stalk your blog ad your style of writing and the wittiness makes it a great read. Thanks for another awesome blog!
    Annemarie x

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  3. Love your Bingeable blog posts. I watched Army wives I guess a year or two ago and fell madly in love and completely imbedded into the characters lives. Oh and I completely agree with you on the 7th season….not worth it!
    Thanks for posting.
    Morgan 🙂

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  4. Army Wives is one of my favorite shows. I agree it started out disjointed at first. But after the first three episodes you are sucked in. You come to care about these women and their families. Sometimes feeling like you are going through everything they are experiencing with them. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch season seven as I heard it was a completely new cast.

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