Summer Cleaning // Loft before and after.

One of my goals for July was to do some deep cleaning. Heard of spring cleaning? Well, I prefer summer cleaning. What better time to organize and tidy up everything than during my time off this week? Each day I have focused on a section of our (small) house which is still a ton of work, but I’ve been chugging through at a great pace. But today, I was faced with tackling our loft. It’s not that big of a space, but with it out of sight (out of mind) and having two large closets, our extra room had been turned into a temporary dumping ground. To say the least, it was going to be a huge challenge, and one that would take all day long.

And it did take all day. I buckled down yesterday morning and took it inch by inch until the early evening. I threw out three whole trash bags, got two huge bags for donations, and spent a total of around six hours gutting the loft. I’m proud of myself, and when you see the finished products, you will be too!

On top of all  of that, I also got around to sorting, throwing, and organizing all our important paper work into a filing system. Now they are color coated, segmented, and put away!

Here’s the finished product!

Whew, I worked my butt off, but it was definitely worth it. That’s another day’s goal checked off, another goal for this week accomplished, and even another goal for this whole month completed. It feels good to be decluttered and have everything in it’s right place around the house. Now the hard part begins: keeping it that way!

— Brey

35 thoughts on “Summer Cleaning // Loft before and after.

  1. Good job! It looks so comfy, my daughter would love a room like this, so colorful! I try to put in an hour’s worth of to do list every week so I don’t get overwhelmed by the too many tasks but one job done is worth the great feeling of accomplishment!:)

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  2. I enjoy spring cleaning at least 3 times a year if I have time…However because I have moved home 4 times in 3 years, I haven’t really had a choice. I like having things organised as much as possible in my home, however I am also someone who finds it hard to throw things out. The photos must make you feel great to see the progress documented 🙂

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  3. Oh how I love a good de-cluttering to ease the soul. It really does feel fantastic, doesn’t it? Love that dresser in the last picture. It’s so unique and beautiful! Great post, yet again Brey!

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  4. Oh wow! That is a lot of work!!!! I wished I can be less of a hoarder and more hard hearted to give away or donate out items that I don’t use anymore. Everytime I want to do that, a little voice in head will whine “But.. maybe you need it someday??” LoL

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  5. What a wonderful looking space! I especially love the quilt and colour scheme. I’ve spent the last two days packing my things in preparation for leaving my current flat next month, and moving into a new place in September. It’s amazing how much rubbish builds up, I can’t wait to declutter and just start afresh 🙂


  6. The day I follow your achievement will be a very strange day in my life. I wish I could just get up and do it. I usually do this sort of cleaning for my shelves and my desk, but I still have this corner wardrobe which reminds a… well, it’s just so messy right now, I’m scared even of opening the doors of it.
    Good for you that you made it though!

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