Workout Wednesdays // Daily Workout Apps week three.

Every other day this week, I had to sit and convince myself to get going. I had to keep telling myself that if I got to Wednesday with nothing, I’d feel way worse than I would after a five minute workout. Four different days, I struggled to will myself to get up. It didn’t really get easier. But I did it! I worked out my arms and my body four full times this week.

It has been quite a while since I’ve used these apps to work out regularly, and I don’t remember them being so hard! On my second workout day, I had to do one arm side push ups… those are now my mortal enemies. But I was so proud when I finished both the left and right side without giving up or slowing down.

I mean look at those things! That’s an actual screen shot from the app. And if you’re thinking they’re easy, get down on the floor and try it. Whew, they’ll kick your butt.

Speaking about kicking butts, this coming week has been my most dreaded and feared this month. This week I am tackling the abs workout app. I actually love working out my arms, running makes me feel powerful, squats fill me with pride, and even with those, I can struggle with motivation. For me though, working out my abs is just pure torture. I also never saw the point, it’s not like crunches will ever give you a six pack and nothing else is really being used usually. I know it will help my core and it will be good for me to push myself though. Even if it’s just to spice things up and do something different with my routine. But honestly, I am really worried about keeping myself accountable and accomplishing my goal. I’m not sure how forcing myself to feel the burn in my tummy for a full five minutes every other day will end up going. Although, when I put it like that, it doesn’t sound too horrible. I’ll aim for four times this week, again.

I will try my best, keep pushing, and hopefully surprise myself. Let’s see how this goes!

— Brey

11 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays // Daily Workout Apps week three.

  1. I hate doing abs too. The trick I figured out for myself is doing them after I’ve done legs and arms – then I’m just excited to be able to lay down for a while, even if it’s to do crunches 😄

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  2. I dread doing ab work too. I recently started doing more weight training along with my cardio but rarely do any ab exercises. Somehow I feel too lazy to lay down haha. Can’t wait to see how this next week goes for you. 🙂 thanks for the motivation!


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