Happy Mail // I’m sending some love your way.

This month I finally caved and nabbed a subscription to Happy Mail (follow that link to learn more about the super cute concept and subscription!) by A Beautiful Mess. I had dreamily looked at cards and monthly choices for quite some time. I never thought that I’d have enough people to send the cards out to, or the money to keep it up. But as July rolled around and my admiration and adoration of the blog and their shop grew, I finally opted for a one month deal for a great price. If I hated it or didn’t use it to it’s full potential, then there goes a few bucks, I could end the subscription the next day! If I loved it, then I made myself and hopefully quite a few people happy, and I still would have the choice to end it whichever month I decided. It definitely sounded like a risk worth taking.

It makes it easier for me to continue with my payments when I realize I don’t have to send out all the cards at once. For some reason when I first looked into it, I felt the pressure to send out all dozen or so cards in bulk. If I want, I can keep some for later, or for a certain date. It’s always nice to have an extra birthday card on hand, or thoughtful note for your significant other for those just-because moments. Or I can get a few months worth cards and spread it out over the year! The choices and possibilities are endless.

Since the ensemble arrived a few days ago, I’ve been transfixed with selecting people for each card, ogling the adorable options, and feeling giddy at the thought of all the sweet things I’d write. I’m so excited to buckle down this week and fill each of them, and then send some love out.

I’m glad I at least gave Happy Mail a one month trial. I will probably keep my subscription going for another month or two at least, I’ll see how it goes. In the mean time, my friends, family, and loved ones will get cheery, doting cards every once in a while!

— Brey

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