Bingeable // Kitchen Nightmares.

I had always seen the commercials for Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares and rolled my eyes. It seemed so over the top and crude. It was something I definitely wouldn’t watch as a young teenager. I honestly don’t know what changed my mind, but some time late last year, I clicked on Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix. It was the best decision ever. I got to see how the show really went and the real chef Ramsey. Not just the five second blurbs of him cursing some poor contestant out. And I fell in love instantly!

Why I watched it.
In Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsey goes restaurant to restaurant fixing, saving, and helping the whole staff and enterprise. Each episode you watch him genuinely care for the out come of the restaurant and the people he is working with. That is why I have always recommend this show to people, because the commercials and propaganda around Gordon Ramsey gave me such a misconception of who he is and what he does. He personally trains them, offers ideas, remodels the whole store, and does everything he can to really help them. It’s so interesting to see his undying passion for his job and expertise. He is truly a master at his craft.

Why you should watch it.
While I was able to realize that Ramsey doesn’t spend every minute of every episode cursing and screaming at random people, he still does sometimes. But he is not being mean and makes sure that not only does he gets the job done, but so does the restaurant owner and staff too. It’s still pretty hilarious to see him go off on some one, and it’s guilt free when you realize his intentions are all good! His ideas and concepts are brilliant, his recipes are to die for, and he really is the god of the restaurant world. Sure, there are some times where the family drama gets a little out of hand, but it’s all worth it just to see how much Gordon Ramsey changes and excels at the job at hand.

Where to watch it.
Netflix has a few seasons, many On Demand options have a few seasons as well. Hulu, Google Play, VUDU, and even YouTube have multiple episodes and seasons available. I would recommend Netflix for two seasons, and then You Tube for the rest, but that’s just me.

How long it will take.
There is 92 episodes in all seven seasons. At about 42 minutes an episode, you’ll have about 65 hours of viewing time. Now, I don’t think you can watch too many episodes of this show in a row, so it’s definitely great when you want to just relax and watch something interesting every now and again.

This show is definitely a little over the top, but it’s worth it just to see Gordon immersed in his passions. Just sit back and watch the master at work!

— Brey

10 thoughts on “Bingeable // Kitchen Nightmares.

  1. I’ve just been watching it on Netflix since last week. Already went through quite a few episodes. I agree that I could watch too many in a row though. It’s more for when you want something easy for sure. I also think that most if the time good shouting is what some of these people on the show really need!

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  2. It’s a great show and he is one of the few “T.V.” Chefs that I really wanted to go to one of his restaurants. I also like his Master Chef show. We visited his BurGR in Las Vegas and it was fantastic.

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