Clean Eating Challenge // Mission accomplished.

Last Monday I geared myself up, nodded and said “Challenge accepted!”. Today, a week later, I can say “challenge accomplished!”.

No soda, no sweets, no bread, nada, none, nope.

I had three dinners out and two lunches to go, so that’s only one meal out over my initial hopes. Four of those were within the  healthy bounds I prescribed (mostly Chipotle, which ended up being just a glorified version of the food I was already preparing), and one lunch was a delicious Red Robin hamburger. I can live with that.

Surprisingly, other than bored chip eating at night, I didn’t miss any of my old food. I haven’t missed soda since my month without it during June, I didn’t miss sweets and treats from restaurants, and I really didn’t even miss starchy carbs. I didn’t even really miss my favorite kettle chips (hold on, let me pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming here).

Looking back on this week, I enjoyed all my meals and felt proud of myself. Even now that I have lifted my “diet” restrictions, I don’t feel the need to grab some chips, or chug some soda. I know that right now, and definitely in the long run, I’m better off.

Another bonus of this meal plan was that each day I didn’t have to wonder what I’d eat or make for meals. I didn’t have to feel guilty or not even full. I was satisfied, healthy, and happy after every meal that was all ready to go waiting for me. Or you know, that five minute cook time.

Here are seven meals I had on seven different days. My mouth is watering just remembering!

Would I do it again? Yes! Will I keep it up for the rest of July? Kind of. I love these easy, nutritious meals, but I love getting food out, I don’t mind some carbs and pasta instead of rice, and I don’t want to have to question if what I’m doing is in my weekly perimeter all the time. So for my regular, day to day eating habits, I’m ok with a little bit more lieutenancy, but a whole lot more healthy.

— Brey

31 thoughts on “Clean Eating Challenge // Mission accomplished.

  1. Like your meals!!!

    I like to make meals for myself, it is always fun to think, create, and make each meal!
    Just want to be healthy and enjoy the life 😉


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