Blog Stalking // Diary of a Fit Mommy.

This lady. Whew. This lady, Sia Cooper, is a force to be reckoned with. I am so proud to admit that I am a huge fan and greatly inspired by her and her blog Diary of a Fit Mommy. She is a top notch entrepreneur, wonderful mommy and wife, and one strong, beautiful, healthy woman.

As I’ve said before, I look for certain qualities in my favorite blogs and ones a stalk a little excessively. The main characteristic I hunt for is to be completely inspired. And this gal totally fits the bill. She is such an encouraging role model and I’d love to shape my life and routine the way she has.

I first found Sia… you guessed it, on Pinterest. You’ve probably seen her workouts all over there (and on here). I also follow her on Instagram for lovely life updates, pictures, and fun workouts. I love seeing her abs and getting motivated, as well as seeing her enjoying a cheat meal on date night. Some how, she does it all!

Let me first tell you guys about her health, body, and fitness. It wasn’t until a few years ago when her clothes stopped fitting when she realized that she was doing her body harm. Binge eating, consuming whatever, there were no healthy choices involved. After she crashed dieted and cut out anything and everything that wasn’t green or organic or a treadmill, she realized she had hit another low, on the opposite end of the spectrum. She slapped herself out of it and balanced a healthy diet, both in calories, and for building muscles. She added weights, protein, pasta, cheat meals, and strengthening exercises to her routine and the results speak for themselves. She continued these habit through her first pregnancy, and as you can see below, it was a good decision.

All over her Instagram and blog, you can see fun exercises with everyday objects, babies, and equipment that are a little outside the box. Did you know you can do a whole workout in the kitchen while waiting for dinner to cook? I didn’t either until recently! All of them are super cute, easy, and doable. She’s a busy mom with her own business, classes, and life, and she is kicking butt and staying healthy. That’s her whole agenda, it doesn’t matter how busy or how much of a beginner you are, you can change too.

This blog, is more than just a muse to a healthier life style, but it is also her business. She has created a stepping stone to advertisers, furthering her education, teaching, and partnering up with other great resources. She has created a brand and a name for herself through blogging. That is another huge inspiring point for me.

She has ebooks and meal plans, and tips, and a style all her own. All in all, she is making serious bank, doing something she seriously loves.

adore this last picture. It doesn’t show off her body as much as the others, it’s not even that difficult of a yoga move, it’s not a masterpiece photograph taken in perfect lighting and setting, etc. But, it does completely encapsulates the normalcy of her life, and how attainable and possible it is for anyone else to follow in her footsteps. And yet is still so motivational and encouraging because even though her life style is simple, it is still hard and requires a lot of discipline.

This saying touches me on so many levels. In one way, that is what she is doing for me, and for so many other women. She has not stopped. She inspires herself, her son, and everyone around her. This is the type of person she is. She reaches out, she has a heart to help and move forward, to make a difference, and she does with her amazing blog.

The quote also rings true in my own life. I started this blog to encourage and push myself. I had no intention or idea that it would grow to even the size it is today. And every Wednesday, when I set myself down to be honest with myself and you all, I am inspiring myself, and I believe and hope I am inspiring you all too. And not just on Wednesdays and with workouts, but in every aspect I am challenging myself to change. And I am not giving up any time soon.

Thanks to ladies like Sia, and each blogger I have gushed about in my blog stalking series, I will continue to be inspired, motivated, emboldened. Because of all that, I will never give up. That is the true heart of blog stalking.

— Brey

10 thoughts on “Blog Stalking // Diary of a Fit Mommy.

  1. I know! I love Sia Cooper. I have found her through Michelle Marie, who is another amazing person. Both ladies have shown so much potential and continue to push the limits. Very inspirational.


  2. I read hed articles regularly, too. She is sooo awesome. One of the women, who show that there are no excuses to look super sexy and super fit, even as a mom 🙂


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