Workout Wednesdays // Daily Workout Apps week 1.

This past week has been excellent when it has come to my health. I’ve visited my gym three times, hit my step count four times, started my strict meal plan, and have kept myself active. I feel proud of myself, as well as refreshed. At least I think I’m refreshed, I can’t really tell past the soreness in my arms, the slight droop of my eyes, and blister on my heel. But the pride is definitely there.

Now that my Pinterest workout plan has concluded, I have decided on July’s new workout schedule, and I’m really excited to share it!

Quite a while ago, back when I had my iPhone 4 and my first cell phone plan with a smart phone, I found a few apps that I instantly fell in love with. Collectively, they are known as the Daily Workout Apps, and I have used these time and time again when feeling a little pudgy, and a little lazy. Each of these apps are totally free and have great content and variety. There is an option to buy each section you want to tone for $0.99, which gives you added options, but is definitely not needed to start sweating and moving!

There is an overall app, that has a little bit of everything, wrapped up into one. The randomized workouts include arms, legs, butt, abs, cardio, and yoga in the selected length of your workout. Or, if you want to pin point a certain area, you can download just the leg app, or cardio app, or whatever you chose! And all these apps are available for iPhone, macs, Androids, the works.

Each app, gives you a lot of choices. You can pick from a five, seven, or ten minute workout. Each selected workout gives you ten heart pumping exercises that get you moving. It can give you randomized mixes of moves, or you can create your own favorite list and order of exercises.

I love these apps so much because it has the count down on your screen. You can’t fudge the time of your plank, or have to reach a certain amount of reps. You have that many seconds to do as many as you can. It also gives you great motivation, and awesome moves that won’t get boring!

With all of that being said, this week, I will be focusing on legs! My goal is simple, but demanding. I aim to do exactly as the app suggests, a daily workout. But, I’m only aiming for the five minute option. When you really break it down, I should be able to get moving for just five minutes a day.

Either way, I’d rather shoot high, and still get things done, then aim low and not push myself. It’ll be a challenge, but I’ve been blowing myself away lately and I honestly think I can do it. I’m looking forward to reviewing the moves, times, and hardships I’ll be facing with this new schedule and app!

— Brey

8 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays // Daily Workout Apps week 1.

  1. I have finally begun to get more active. Been leaving my chair to wash my dishes, even if it hurts, and leaving the foot of the recliner down at night and getting up on my own to allow my husband more night time rest. My legs hurt, but “no pain, no gain(or loss)”


  2. That sounds like a sweet app! I have been using Interval Timer for my cardio workouts, but I will definitely look at getting this as well!


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