The Ultimate Summer Playlist.

It’s that time a year again. When I take that extra spin around the block in my car, or sit in my parked car till the end of the song. It’s that time where my car windows are always down, my radio volume is cranked up, and my hair can’t get enough wind rushing through it. With my speakers thumping, and sun on my face, there are some days I don’t even want to get out of my car!

Lately I’ve ditched the albums, and certain artists, and I have crafted the perfect, upbeat, summer playlist.

1. This is Your Life – The Killers
2. I Bet My Life – Imagine Dragons
3. Kill Your Heroes – AWOLNATION
4. Why Am I the One – Fun.
5. The Wolf – Mumford and Sons
6. Silent Movie – Natasha Bedingfield
7. How to Be Dead – Snow Patrol
8. Disloyal Order of Water Buffalo – Fall Out Boy
9. I Lived – One Republic
10. I Wanna Get Better – Bleachers

So what is your summer playlist? What are you cranking up while you roll down the windows to feel the cool summer night’s air?

— Brey

16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Summer Playlist.

  1. Life In Colour – OneRepublic
    I Lived – OneRepublic
    Coldplay – Strawberry Swing
    Galagher and Lyle – Breakaway
    Mumford and Sons – Believe
    Davey Anscombe – Insomnia
    All These Things That Ive Done – Killers
    Sunchyme – Dario G
    Seven Cities – Solarstone


  2. Great playlist!! I definitely hear you on taking a longer drive to finish out the song hehe. I am obsessed with Songza and rely on that app to get me through my summer. Favourite playlists on there are Barefoot Beach Chill, Downtempo Instruments, Today’s Biggest Hits, and Hawaiian Folk.


  3. I am a music junkie, so I am definitely going to take a listen to the songs on your Playlist. I have never heard anything from The Bleachers, I am going to give that one a go first. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog post!


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