The Simplest Meal Plan // My week long challenge.

Hi readers –

Well, the week I’ve been dreading this month has come. I decided to bite the bullet and complete my challenge as early as possible. This week I am going to tackle my very strict, healthy, 1,200 calorie meal plan!

I am a little odd and have never been bothered by routine and repeating meals. I have been eating the same oatmeal mix for the past 5 months, every morning, every day. And I still love it! I can definitely try this healthy meal plan of four different meals for a week and not get tired of choices. With that being said, all my lunch and dinner choices are interchangeable and can be eaten as often or repeated as I want. I just figured that the lunch meals are easier for lunch and dinner meals seemed more appropriate for dinner. I do plan on doing any number of variations of these meals as I see fit throughout the coming days.

Breakfast Choices. I love using the packets of oatmeal now available in so many different flavors. I prefer the dinosaur egg packets with the hint of brown sugar, but the peach, strawberry, original, and brown sugar boxes are all delicious. They are all already measured out, flavored, and the perfect amount for me. As mentioned above, I have been eating this every morning for quite some time, and I love it. I don’t see me needing a change or any variety this week when it comes to breakfast.
I hate coffee, but I love having a small Red Bull every morning. Not even for the caffeine, but the yummy taste and bubbly carbonation to get my morning started with a little kick. I made sure to allow 100 calories to be used for this new happy morning tradition.

Lunch Choices. The first lunch choice is probably the meal I am most excited about. With barely any calories, this meal is so filling! For each meal I use half a bag of instant microwave rice (I use original, brown rice, or wild rice), half a can of black beans, two spoonfuls of mild salsa, and one spoonful of feta cheese to top it off. It’s so easy to prepare, pack, heat up, and serve.
The second choice is a classic that I love. I prefer granny smith tart apples, and smooth peanut butter for this meal. It’s zesty, filling, healthy, cheap, and can be great on the go, or during just a relaxing day at home.

Dinner Choices. Dinners are a little bit bigger and have more choices. I have a very wide variety of yummy veggies to go along side some brown rice. And with the chicken, I’m allowing sauces to be added, like sesame or orange, or whatever suites my fancy that night. That way the same basic meal can be spiced up with just a few flavors every week!
I usually have the cracker sandwiches during lunch, but it’s definitely filling enough to be a dinner. I use Black Pepper Triscuts, Kraft pre-cut colby jack cheese, and pepperoni slices to make a perfect little sandwich. With a 300 calorie limit, I use 8 Triscuts, and 4 cheese squares and pepperoni circles.

Snack Choices. I’m expecting and allowing two to three snacks per day when it comes to calorie intake. A cup of pinaaple chunks, a handful of blueberries, half a grapefruit, or a grab bag of pistachios are all on the menu! I didn’t add it in there, but a cup of yogurt or all natural applesauce, are also always great snacks.

Cheat Meals. I’m being pretty lenient here, but I’m allowing 2 lunches and 2 dinners to be cheat meals. With the exception that those meals do not include deserts, sodas, and are healthy choices, like burrito bowls at Chipotle, or chicken and rice dishes at Pei Wei. These allow a little variety, keep date night, and still being just as healthy as all my other planned meals.

I am excited and nervous, but so ready to get started. Today I have had breakfast and lunch, and am doing great! I feel proud of myself and healthy already. I know it’s very monotonous, and not many choices, but that will make it very easy for me to keep track of my meals and not use cooking time and laziness as an excuse. Wish me luck this week, I’m excited to see my results on Sunday!

— Brey

20 thoughts on “The Simplest Meal Plan // My week long challenge.

  1. Good luck! And omg if i drink a red bull in the morning I’ll end up in the ER lol… With very bad heart palpitations! 😑


  2. I love that you have a Red Bull on your list. I freaking love Red Bull and couldn’t agree more – it just gives you that nice bubbly kick! Good luck this week!


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