Sand Nail Polish // Try something new.

Hello readers –

I have something fun and pretty to share with you all today! Throughout the years and all the while adding to my large finger nail polish collection, I was gifted a few bottles of sand nail polish. It was a very happy accident, and since I started growing out my nails, these have been my go-to bottles! Sand polishes are textured lacquers that feel bumpy and sandy when dried. They’re a little hard to find in stores now, but are all over amazon and beauty product selling sites.

There is a few reasons why I love these, though. Firstly, and most basically, the texture! It’s fun to run your hands along it and see the different facets in the light. I’m also a sucker for glitter polishes, and you can’t have sand polish without glitter. And lastly, these polishes are thick. I have super brittle and weak nails. It’s quite a struggle to grow them out and keep them from breaking. I use these polishes all the time and they rarely ever chip, and leave my nails almost indestructible (just as thick as 4 layers of polish, but no goop!). They have been a god send for my fragile nails, while still letting my nails look pretty and unique.

OPI – Liquid Sand. These are the most expensive sand polishes I’ve used (at just under $10), but have the most variations! The hot pink bottle shown below has little stars along with sparkles in the “sand”. The black bottle has pink “sand” in it causing a dark, but still chic look in the sunlight. OPI never disappoints with it’s wonderful quality and large selections. If you want to try something new and use outrageously cool colors, give this brand a shot!

Forever 21 – Sand lacquer. I have not seen many sand lacquer options available through Forever 21, but I love the few choices they have! These are just under $3 and are amazing quality for that price. Minimal chipping, bold colors, easy application, and fun sparkle, all for a great price? What more can a girl ask for!

Nicole by OPI, Gumdrop. I personally love this brand the most! It comes off and on the easiest and has a variety of gorgeous colors. Never once has it clumped while applying (which can happen during the second coat) or chipped, even after ten days of wear. It’s right in the middle of the other two polishes at around $6.60 per bottle, but they are so worth it. They are quick drying, beautiful, unique, smooth during application, polishes that you can’t get tired of.

I highly recommend browsing some of these brands on Amazon or their respective stores. These polishes are so lovely and it’s always fun to spice things up. So, give them a try!

— Brey

17 thoughts on “Sand Nail Polish // Try something new.

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    Let me know 🙂

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  2. Wow! These polishes sound awesome…never heard of them before but I must see if I can find some. I can relate on the brittle delicate nail description. Mine are the same way. Thanks again for this post!


    1. Two ways. Either just scrub for a while, it comes off easier than you think. Or you can get cotton balls saturated in remover and then wrap them around each finger. Then wrap those with tinfoil to keep them in place. Keep all of that still for about 10 minutes and the polish will just slip off!
      I always just end up scrubbing haha


  3. I’ve been in such a slump about painting my nail lately. Maybe between this and the matte top coat I found hidden in my bathroom cabinet, I can get back to painting them again!


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