Bingeable // 500 Days of Summer.

For this long weekend, I’m going to recommend something a little different. Don’t squat on the couch binging a show all weekend. Get out, enjoy this beautiful weather, have a BBQ, shoot off some fireworks, enjoy the down time! But if you must, and you want to take some time put your feet up and veg out, I’ve got the perfect movie for you.

This is the one movie in existence that not only I have seen multiple times, but Drew has too. This is a romantic movie that will entrance both guys and girls, and leave that bitter sweet tug in your heart. It’s almost too real and too raw for me to consider it a comedy, but it’ll have you laughing, crying, smiling, and sighing the whole way through. This movie follows the exact same plot line of any other Hollywood rom com when suddenly… it doesn’t.

This hipster, sweet film capsulates the pain, humanity, and even joy of finding and losing a great love. Not only is this movie amazing in it’s plot and portrayal of twenty first century romances, but it is also simply and beautifully filmed and crafted. The mood and colors and scenes reflect the brights and colors of happiness, as well as the grays and dusky hues of sadness.

500 Days of Summer is so spot on with every twist and turn they throw out. The adoration of happy memories and how easily those can be soiled. The bliss and heartbreak of modern relationships. The intimacy of those late nights and closely held secrets being generously given. Even the slow demise of love and the heartbreak to save it and get it back. Not to mention the slow rebuilding of a shattered foundation as one moves on from a break up is perfectly felt while watching. And of course, the glimmer of hope of a new chance, a new path, a new love. All of this and more is so quirky and excellently shown in this movie.

And to be honest, I might have some intricate ties to this movie as well. Shortly after my fourth or fifth viewing of this film, I was facing the love of my life down on one knee asking me to be his bride. With that, that whole night includes this movie and the happiness and all the memories that came to be. But the love of this movie came well before this huge bias, so my word is still good!

If you want an unique, beautiful movie to watch this holiday weekend, buy, rent, stream, or whatever, 500 Days of Summer.

— Brey

15 thoughts on “Bingeable // 500 Days of Summer.

  1. Brey, sounds exactly like a movie I would enjoying laughing, crying and remembering on this holiday weekend:) Now if I can get my guys, (husband and 17 year old son) to give up the NCIS time!!! LOl Well, it is a 3 day weekend!!! There is always hope:) blessings, denise p.s. I like your “proposal” movie memorie better than mine…Alien!!! Lol


  2. I Love that movie, it did move me. When you find your soul mate and realize they found theirs, and it wasn’t you. It’s heartbreak at its finest. I felt for him; it was a well written, well performed, and a great portrayal of emotions. I Love romantic movies in any form but that is one of my favorite. And it’s hard to say, because it was so cheesy, and I am lactose intolerant ….


  3. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I know it has been a while, but I just finally got the free time to read through everyone who had visited me! 500 days of summer is one of my favorite movies, and I have watched it multiple times with my mom. Anyway, thanks again.. I love you blog, and have a good day!


  4. Really enjoyed my day yesterday. I don’t think we (the husband and I) turned the television on at all. We floated in the pool, went for a long walk and stayed up late watching the fire works. Today…. Well, we’re going to take it one minute at a time (a rarity). This is a good idea for the “maybe we’ll do this” list. Thank you for the recommendation.

    Vegan Paralegal


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