I thought I’d try something a little different today. I want to share with you all one of my favorite colors, and how it encapsulates my life. Red is the color of passion, of love. Red is fierce and classic. No girl cannot not feel powerful strutting in red. Red is the perfect accent, red is a bold statement, red is beautiful.

I just don’t want to wear red, I surround myself with it.

Red polish is classic. Maroon polish is striking. Every girl needs a collection in this spectrum.

Red accessories are the perfect pop to any outfit.

Everyone is aways in need of a little spark in their wardrobe.

And every girl needs a little red dress.

— Brey

18 thoughts on “Red.

  1. This is exactly the kind thing I wanted for a photo challenge I’m going to set myself during the summer holidays – we break for 7 weeks so I thought I’d do a colour shoot a week until I had the full rainbow spectrum. I’ll probably do a montage of everything at the end. Would you mind if I linked back to your site and this post when I start it? I’d love it if other people could share some of their rainbows and what colour means to them.

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  2. Liking your blog 🙂 Reds definitely a powerful colour, as an author myself I love trying to use colours to symbolise things subtly. Feel free to check out some of my short stories if you have any time ( Keep blogging 🙂


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