Workout Wednesdays // Pinterest workout series review.

Hey everybody –

Not only did I reach this week’s goal, but I also destroyed it! I completed my workout pin six out of seven days this week. I made a point to go walking and/or jogging every night. I reached my step count every day as well. I loved going for walks outside, I loved moving, but not panting and in pain. I loved the soreness and how easy it was to keep pushing and jogging every day. I loved this pin and I loved the activeness it required.

Out of this whole seven week series, this last pin was my favorite. I loved how much I had to move. I loved mixing up my home routine though and how each day was a little different. I also apparently am completely smitten with getting out on the paths and moving! The change of scenery, cool summer night air, and easy pace kept me energized. I loved grabbing Drew or Jax and just moving till I’ve reached my goal. It was a great feeling and each time I was done for the day, I was proud and pumped.

This whole series was a huge eye opener for me. It was a struggle to get up almost every other day and work my body. Most weeks I couldn’t. But every time I did, I was so sore, tired, and proud. I enjoyed stretching and being active and challenging myself. And it made it much easier having extremely simple, laid out workouts to follow. Each week the photo was fun and interesting while still pushing me. I appreciated how easy to do and blunt each pin was and how I felt after every single one. Almost every week and definitely through the whole two months, was a great mix of cardio, yoga, healthy ideas, and conditioning.

All in all, I enjoyed my Pinterest workouts. Most were a little extreme, but they were fun to sweat and get through and try. I’d recommend tp anyone who is trying to get started with at home routines, or just to get moving for the first time in a while, to check out Pinterest and have fun with it. I know it has helped me gear up and get active and has gotten me ready for more strenuous, advanced workouts that I will want to do in the near future.

I am still unsure what I want my next workout series to be, so I won’t rush into anything. I plan for the coming week to keep my walk goal and this past pin in mind. I’ll keep active while walking and jogging at least four times a week. During that time, I’ll be putting together another round of fun, unique workouts!

— Brey

9 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays // Pinterest workout series review.

  1. Even I have started working out full on recently after 8 months postpartum… slowly trying to form a good fitness routine… I felt so accomplished after doing for a week… Great going.. ill have a look into the pin too


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