Let Me Know What YOU Want // Take my poll!

As Ordinary Adventures continues to blossom, I find myself trying out new ideas, post styles, and branching out category wise. Every day when I finally click “Publish” my mind races to how it will be accepted and taken.

I finally figured that I’d cut out the guessing and worrying and go straight to the source. What do you guys want to see and read? What do you guys want to learn or share when you click on my site? Want do you want more of?

You can chose more than one option, and read more about each choice below, and of course leave comments and ideas at the bottom!

Do you want more personal stories and for me to share journal like articles as I go on this adventure? It is so therapeutic and wonderful to open my heart and write it all out. I also love digging deeper into my own beliefs, and experiences, and ideas and turning them into thoughtful posts.

Do you want me to post more how to’s and tips? It’s so exciting for me to think back on my own experiences, find out about cool ideas, and share them all here to help or inspire! It definitely has helped me put things in perspective and encourage me to do them too.

Or do you all want me to share more reviews? I love to talk about the inspiring bloggers, my favorite shows, and new beauty and fashion products I’ve fallen in love with. It’s so great to search and try them all out myself and then to let others share in the fun!

I want to hear your opinion and your ideas, so don’t be shy!

— Brey

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