What I’m Listening to This Week // New Surrender.

Anberlin has always been on my iPod. Each of their albums have at least one song that has millions of memories wrapped up with them. When Drew and I first became friends about seven years ago, he shared their album Cities with me and Inevitable became my emo, in love, thirteen year old soundtrack. Not long after that, New Surrender came out. As a younger teenager, most of Anberlin’s tracks were a little too grungy and rock for me. I’d pick that one or two swoony love ballad and spam it till they became my top listened to songs in my library.

Especially now that I’m getting older and my music taste is shifting a little, I’ve fallen in love with New Surrender as a whole. I discovered this appreciation a few months back and I have reopened it this week. It’s a perfect fit for my new found fondness of up beat, passionate, modern rock music.

Why I’m listening to it.
New Surrender has the perfect mix of crazy, fun tunes, love ballads, and intense, darker songs. Meshing that all together makes this Anberlin’s best and possibly most popular album. This is definitely my favorite full album of theirs. If you sit and dissect their sound and lyrics, you’ll find hidden nuisances, and deeper meanings, and cool lines. Or if you just sit back, listen, and feel the music, you’ll be washed over in Anerberlin’s infectious powerful sound. This album and band brings back so many memories for me, while making me feel good and happy and hard core. I can connect to the lyrics, I can fall in love with the sound, and I can’t say enough good things about this album.

My favorites.
After replaying Inevitable from Cities way too many times to count, I then moved on to their track, Retrace. I probably listened to that song, cried to it, and screamed it out hundreds of times. Retrace is still my favorite on this album, but now it has some competition. The second part of Miserable Visu, Blame Me! Blame me!, Feel Good Drag, and Breaking all are magnificent songs. Honestly, other than maybe The Resistance (which just never felt right to me), I would recommend and listen to every one of these songs over and over, again. No matter what your music taste is, you can find at least one song to love.

— Brey

7 thoughts on “What I’m Listening to This Week // New Surrender.

  1. I can’t help myself but comment. I love Anberlin as well! And their songs have stuck with me from my awkward pre-teen phase, then to angsty teen, then to melodramatic college student phase. I appreciate your praise for New Surrender and have had a similar experience where it wasn’t until I went back to listen to this album that I really enjoyed it. My personal favorite song on the album is the last track. It is kinda creepy and apocalyptic but I cant help myself 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  2. Gonna have to check them out as I am always on the lookout for new and different music. I listen day in and day out. Thanks for sharing. I am actually gonna put the Cities album on now.


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