Workout Wednesdays // Week seven. 

I did it. I completed my workout goal for this week! For the first time in the past six weeks, I crushed my objective and feel proud of myself. I started early in the week and kept at it.

This pin was exhausting. I was sweating and panting pretty much after the thirty squats. And I definitely was after the forty burpees. And I was a complete puddle of pain by the one hundred second wall sit. I found that I enjoyed this pin more when I did not go in numerical order. I started with the harder exercises, instead of waiting to ninety jumping squats at the very end. By the third day, I found my groove and what I was most comfortable with, which made the whole experience much better. I can definitely see how doing that a few more times a week for a while would give you a nice butt!

I enjoyed this pin because it kept me moving and sweating, without just throwing tons of crunches or push ups at me. It actually kept me active not just working out. All in all, it was a good set of exercises and I’d recommend the pin to anyone.

This is the last week of my Pinterest workout series and I want to finish strong!

I really like this pin because it’s not just an intense, unrealistic cardio list. A mix of exercises, yoga, daily walks, and heathy reminders, makes this my favorite pin of this series. I would much rather walk an hour with my puppy than do ninety jumping squats in a few minutes! I’m excited for this week and the workouts I will be doing. I’m excited to reach my goal again and to end this series on a strong note.

I’m going to challenge myself to complete four out of the seven days for this pin. I’m going to have to push myself, get moving and stay active for a longer time. I’ll have to really keep myself focused this week, but it will be worth it have two positive, fit weeks in a row.

— Brey

18 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays // Week seven. 

  1. Great effort, love that you can achieve all this without a gym. I’m at week 3 and having to deal with that demoralizing plateau effect. Will attempt to push through and now, thanks to you, add stairs to my fitness regime.


  2. Hi, thanks for the Like on my latest Post, let me know if there are any specific health or fitness things you’d like to see or know about!
    A quick tip to push the exercise pain barrier: I coach my Clients to ‘zone out’ during a particularly long set – get them thinking about their day at work, plan out what they’re having for dinner, thinking about where they want to go on their next holiday, whatever. Before they know it, they’ve finished a Set! 🙂

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