Workout Wednesdays // Week six.

I could give my weekly excuses to why I didn’t reach my workout goal again, but I won’t. Because I didn’t fail this week, I still made strides to a healthier and better life. While I didn’t do last weeks pin four times, I did reach my step count goal pretty much every single day this week. I remained active and I’m making progress. When I did end up doing last weeks pin, I was exhausted! It was quite the workout. I feel that cardio wise, this was the best pin I’ve done yet. It was the right amount of exercise without being too excessive. It also had a nice mix of things to do each day, so I never got bored. Putting that all together, I would definitely recommend anyone using that pin to get moving!

I just realized today that there are only two more weeks of my weekly workout Pinterest intensive. And I have yet to reach my week’s goal and fulfill my quota so to speak. With that being said, I still feel confident and encouraged at my progress and steps I am completing to a better lifestyle. Whenever I get discouraged I think about my the workout I did seven weeks ago; which was none.

This week looks deceptively doable, but I guess I’ll have to find out the hard way! The hardest part will definitely be the forty burpees and then the ninety jump squats, but the rest is almost easy. I’m motivated and excited to finally complete a week’s goal, so I will aim for do this pin 3x this week. Between that, hopefully going to the gym a handful of times, and reaching my walking goals as many times as I can, I am excited to see this week’s results next Wednesday! Let’s do this.

— Brey

25 thoughts on “Workout Wednesdays // Week six.

  1. Any progress is progress. You can do it, you can focus on the habit. The habit is the key. Weight is such a tricky issue. You want to be healthy, but it is so easy to stray into this unhealthy stressful mindset where you are so worried about looking a certain way. Just know people support you.


  2. I’m a personal trainer and group ex. teacher. I wanted to say ‘well done’ and remember keep tracking your results, it will help to keep you motivated!!


  3. We can’t be perfect every day. Our best one day might be different than another due to tons of variables. You have a great attitude and you’re doing great. I’ve always struggled finding the balance between doing too little and too much. Just listen to your body and you will be fantastic! 🙂 Keep it up. Admire your dedication.


  4. Good job! I know how hard it can be to workout, but u got this! I also had a question, how old is ur blog and how many followers do u have? If you don’t mind me asking, because ur blog looks very successful and I hope I can catch up with u one day.


  5. Well done! I’m glad you’re confident and motivated. You’ll reach your weekly goals soon but every step forward is amazing. On a side note: burpees are my enemy. I honestly cannot do them at all.


  6. you go girl! I tried one of your earlier workout Wednesday goals and boy was I tired. But don’t worry! You got this! Just remember to track your results. I remember in the beginning of 6th grade my mile time was like 14:47! And now it’s 12:00 which makes me happy and I’ve noticed it makes others too. Like my fav Disney movie says, keep moving forward!


  7. oh, yes burpees….on Sunday I made them 50. Sometimes my boyfriend and me do them in 3-minute interval circles (I can describe, how it goes). He comes to the number 200 if you count all the burpees (I stop at around 80). I don’t suffer doing burpees that much, though. But I hate lunges 😛


  8. Well done you!!! Wish I could get there, not yet though as I had hip surgery a few weeks ago…will do one day though….stay fit girl…


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