Three Heels You Need This Summer // Strut your stuff.

Hey there readers –

I want to talk to you guys about one of my favorite things: shoes! I love putting on a hot pair of heels and sauntering out of the house. There’s just something about it. Confidence, sexiness, class, I just feel so much better and feel so dressed up. With that being said, not all heels make me feel that way. There have been a few, especially with my online shopping addiction, that are more painful than cute. To help you steer clear of those, here are three summery (and inexpensive) heels you need this season from my go to shoe store, UrbanOG.

1. I usually aim for wedges during the summer. I hate sinking into dewy lawns or teetering in my sundresses. But when I saw these heels on UrbanOG’s site, they just struck a cord in me. The eyelet design with the cork texture give this shoe a sweet and dainty look to such a high heel. The peach is a new twist to a classic look, while still not being over powering. These shoes go great with florals, basics, and can contrast summer brights. I can imagine these would be perfect for a summer wedding. If you’re looking for a more sexy, stylish shoe this summer, check this one out!

2. I have these strappy sandals in white and black. They are a high enough platform to keep my feet so comfy all day long. But they’re still tall enough to give you some extra height and a little bit of sass. I was hesitant at first due to the overall chunkiness, but I always get compliments and the comfort can’t be beat.

3. Every girl needs a clean, pretty pair of white wedges for the summer. I have these adorable little shoes and love them. They’re not as comfortable as the shoes above, but the heel and platform is just enough to keep your feet from hurting. I also feel that these shoes give a little twist to the white wedge with the wood looking accents and secure leather straps. These are the perfect height and shape and color for any sundress, shorts, or outfit you wear this season!

— Brey

8 thoughts on “Three Heels You Need This Summer // Strut your stuff.

  1. I love the black ones in the middle! I’ve been on the lookout for a good, comfy pair of wedges to wear to work this summer.. you just sold me on the UrbganOG site! 🙂


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