Bingeable // House.

This show holds so many memories for me. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it. I’m all over the place when talking about House! Although it won’t sound like it in my review below (which is maybe too honest and harsh), I highly recommend this show. Until the last two seasons or so, this show was probably in my top three shows ever. House is easily still one of my favorite TV characters to date. And the show, while simple in outline, is exciting and amazing. Especially during the first three seasons, each episode is brilliant.

Why I watched it. I have heard of House M.D. for years. My family regularly watched Fox prime time while growing up, but at the age of nine, I was a little too young to start a show like that. But I saw all the commercials, heard all the chatter.
It was the night Drew was at his bachelor party last May, days before my wedding, when I found myself bored at home wanting something to watch. For some reason (I blame wedding brain) I remember distinctly having just watched Bones’ first episode and hating it. I figured it got better when it wasn’t over ten years old and a pilot episode, but I wasn’t ready to give Bones another shot. So, not to have that happen again, I watched House, season three, episode five. Just to see if I enjoyed an episode in the middle of the action.

For some reason all of this is very permanently etched in my brain. I.. have no words.

Luckily for me, House follows a pretty strict episode plot line and I really didn’t miss anything and fell totally in love. It was fascinating, witty, and thrilling. I ended up watching the pilot and the whole first season during my honeymoon. We came home and rushed through season after season. Until… we got to the last few episodes of season seven, and it took us almost six months to get around to finishing the rest of this show.

Don’t let that deter you from starting this show though. The starting seasons pound you with the exact same episode plot line, but you’ll love it. Some how the rinse/repeat cycle doesn’t get old case after case. You’ll fall in love with the original characters, and grow fond of the new comers. The cases will be mysterious and shocking and keep you on the edge of your seat. All while House keeps you grinning and your eyes wide.

Why you should watch it. Out of any doctor show I’ve seen, this is the most dramatic and interesting. At least when it comes to actually practicing medicine (Seattle Grace I don’t know what you guys have in your water). At least for the first few seasons. Season six and seven gets border line TMI on personal matters and looses the House charm and configuration, and definitely fails in season eight. At that point you love House and his brain and you want to see it through though. The last season is a real shame, but hey, I’m a completest.

You’ll become addicted to House’s attitude, remarks, and wit. Even if you go into the show knowing you won’t watch all of it, give it a shot, you won’t regret it.

Where to watch it. Netflix tells me that House is still on it’s Top Picks and Popular list. This is a great show, really.

How long it will take. A while. If you want to be an adoring fan like me and finish all 176 episodes, it’ll take about five straight days. I implore you to watch six seasons, and give seven a shot.

— Brey

17 thoughts on “Bingeable // House.

  1. I am obsessed with House. I got to personal with them so I enjoyed it right to the last episode.. I’m more bothered I can’t see where their gunna live for how long and who knows what lol. House and Sex and the City are 2 shows I can watch on repeat for almost a yr straight between the two lol I’m insane

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  2. I stumbled upon a House marathon by accident one day and got seriously hooked! It’s kind of good that it ended when it did because it was basically the same thing over and over. Hugh Laurie is not only an amazing actor but he had the majority of America fooled with his American accent, most people didn’t know he was English! He was so spot on!


  3. I so agree with your review. Still haven’t gotten through the season 7 yet. But nonetheless, as you said, by S7, one is already hooked and just wants to see it through. 🙂


  4. My husband and I tried to get into it in the first season but it kept following the same plot line with each episode. And then on top of that my husband is in the medical field so he couldn’t handle the medical inaccuracies (operational wise). It’s not my cup of tea….bones I hated to….something about her voice annoyed me


  5. Currently on a House marathon with the fiancé! And he doesn’t allow me to go ahead of him while he’s at work (I’m a Stay at home mum), and it drives me crazy. I absolutely LOVE the show. Huge Celebrity crushes on Hugh Laurie, and Jesse Spencer.😍 Don’t know what I’m going to do when we finish it😩


  6. Currently binge-watching House and am just nearing the end of season seven. Still holding out hope that Huddy will be okay in the end, they deserve to be together!


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