Summer Polishes // You gotta get your hands on these.

Ever since I stopped my habit of biting my nails this spring, I have been addicted to painting my nails. Actually, I have always been addicted to painting my nails, but now it is way more fun and they look much, much better. I have a bin of probably forty nail polishes… I know, I have a problem. But they almost all go to good use. I love mixing up my colors, having more than one on my hands, and having a wide range of shades. I probably paint my nails two to three times a week! But this summer, there are three shades I have really fallen in love with. I am not as interested in brand names, or brands in general (except Sinful Colors!), so if you want to try out these colors, feel free to try to match them from your favorite seller! If you love the exact hue, like I do, I recommend you get them though! 1. Coco A Go Go. I love dark color on my nails. But I have been straying from blacks and dark purples for some time now. Brown always seemed so boring and ugly, until I found this beautiful chocolate color. It almost has hints of red and copper, but still a subtle brown that can go with just about anything! 2.Pretty in Pearls. I am very hesitant when it comes to whites. Not only can it look like a four year painted your nails, but they always seem to be the first color to chip. But I found this pearlescent color at CVS for $1 and I couldn’t be happier. I did my nails this color for my interview a month or so ago, and I felt professional yet summery and stylish. It’s the perfect alternative to a flat white for a great price. 3. Mint Apple. This is my favorite color this season. If there is one polish here that you have to get the exact brand and color, it’s this one. It has a very light shimmer to it, and is the perfect unique, summer blue there is. It’s fun and different but still classy. I had my nails this color, and when it started to chip (which took over a week!), I repainted it this color for almost a whole month. It’s a great change from teals and navy, yet still blue. This is a must buy!

So go out, get some new colors and pamper yourself! What are your summer season polishes?

— Brey

7 thoughts on “Summer Polishes // You gotta get your hands on these.

  1. I have at least 30 bottle of nail polish in a little bin under my bathroom sink. Before I got a job in foodservice where I can’t have my nails painted, I would paint mine frequently, too! There’s something almost addictive about it. Also, that Pretty in Pearls color is gorgeous!


  2. I LOVE that pearl colour! Gorgeous. I recommend using a gel top coat, it’s a bit more pricey than ordinary top coat but it makes even the worst quality nail polish last a long time on your nails! I recommend the Sally Hanson gel top coat. X


  3. Love the brown/red-ish color. Will have to check it out at the store next time. You’re also not alone on painting your nails several times a week. I tend to pick at my nail polish (but at least it keeps me from biting my nails) and replace the color often.

    If you haven’t already, check out Pure Ice brand at Walmart. They have tons of great colors, including glitter ones, and they’re less than $3 a bottle. 🙂


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