My Summer Bucket List // AKA my two month to do list.

It finally hit me today that I only have seventy-eight days until I start my career. I will have a full time job with strict hours and people counting on me. I have just over two months until my summer comes to an end. I do have new hire sessions, family obligations, and appointments scattered this season. And of course I am still working odd, long hours as a nanny, but all of that is still flexible and generally easy. I can still have a summer packed with things I enjoy.

And that is what I plan on doing! My time is limited and already running out.

Weirdly enough, after writing out what I want to do, I realized I have made a fall preparation list, not sun soaked fun agenda. Lately though, I have fallen in love with this blog, creating a healthier, better lifestyle for myself, and taking control of my life. This summer, I don’t really feel like hitting the beach, or eating popsicles. Instead I want to settle into a healthy routine, before I get swept away in the fall chaos.

So. Here is my summer to do list.

1. Finish Ordinary Adventures’ summer bucket list. This is my biggest to do! This week I will post what this exactly entails, but I am so excited to renovate and upgrade OA all summer long.

2. Create a healthy, weekly meal plan to follow for the fall. This school year, I will have early breakfasts, bring packed lunches, and have a dinner prepared right after I get home! I am no where near used to that kind of schedule and I will have to get used to and practice and prepare how I will tackle this.

3. Create a healthy, weekly workout plan to follow for the fall. This will be a little bit easier because it won’t be such a dramatic change. I still want to create a plan I can follow and have fit into a weekly routine.

4. Get a tan. This is the only summery thing on the list! But last year I went to the pool once… Once. When I finally emerge from my house, I actually get blonder, freckles, and a perfect olive complexion. Don’t want to miss out on all that this year!

5. Heard of spring cleaning? Well, I want to do summer cleaning this year. I’ll break it down each month, but junk just seems to keep building up. Before my school year sweeps me off my feet into a hectic whirlwind, I want to leave the house as clean, tidy, and organized as possible!

What do you guys want to do this summer? Do you have fun summer plans, or like me, do you have a to do list?

— Brey

17 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List // AKA my two month to do list.

  1. You will find over time.
    That hat you collected.
    Is very hard to get rid of.
    At the same time!

    The separate that you think you want to get rid of.
    And over the days.
    Go back to it and go over those things you want to keep.

    You may be amazed!g & eating right is one’s own decision.

    Choose wisely!

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  2. I enjoyed your list! I’m still formulating mine but it includes walking in my garden, reading books to my children, eating dinners I can feel good about, praying, and spending time with those I love. 🙂


  3. I love your goals you have planned for this coming fall. It can be so hard to get a new routine going but I know it’s worth it, especially for something as commendable as a healthier lifestyle. Finding and sticking with a fitness plan as well as making healthier recipes (and actually eating breakfast) are all things that I should be doing, but alas I seem to be the queen of starting-and-never-following-through-with-my-goals. =/

    I’m excited to see how you’re going to grow your blog this summer, as well as seeing how your summer cleaning works out! Oh and of course the fitness and eating stuff too 😛

    ❤ and harp strings,


  4. HI! Your list is similar to my summer bucket list. Have you heard of Fit Girls Guide. It has easy workouts and food plans. I won’t lie, I struggle with the food plans and sticking to it (I love pizza), but the workouts are easy to do.

    Good luck 🙂


  5. Love your summer to-do list. Mine consists of work. I’m new to the blogging world and I’m fairly new to the Etsy community. My goal is to put forth the time and effort into making my dreams become my reality. Baby steps accompanied by lots of work.


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