Bingeable // Lost.

I watched Lost way back over ten years ago with my family as it came out. We spent most weeks for six years entangled in this crazy show. Would I recommend that course of action to anyone based on this show? Definitely not. This show is not worth six years of your life.

But to me, apparently it was worth more.

Last year, when Andrew mentioned he had never seen anything to do with Lost, I offered to rewatch all one hundred plus episodes with him. Taking an episode or two a day, I endured the frustration of this show all over again. I will admit that rewatching Lost was fun. Seeing someone take in all the craziness and questions for the fist time made me laugh out loud multiple times. Having the tons of questions during each episode? No so much. Adding to that, there are so many easter eggs and cool hidden things you find throughout that you just can’t pick up the first time around. Knowing all the secrets and answers made it interesting to try to pick out even more the second time.

I will point out one important thing though. This show is based on thrill and mystery and intrigue. If you want to fully enjoy the show, don’t look up spoilers, or read articles, or hints, anything, until you finish watching.

Why I watched it. Like I said earlier, I started watching Lost when it first aired. The first season is intense plane crash survival stuff. It’ll get your hooked and all those big questions? You’ll want to keep watching. The next season is kind of similar to that too. After a while though, you have so many unanswered questions and so many plot lines, that you will want to throw in the towel. Each episode the characters seemed to take one step forward and fifty steps back. Waiting for the characters to gain an inch every week for years, got old. But I had already given up two years or more for this show. I had to stick through, it to finally get all those answers!
Spoiler. You won’t get all the answers.
I am glad that I saw it through and experienced the finale. It was worth it, as much as  didn’t want to admit it at the time. This show is infuriating as they throw new mystery after new mystery at you for six seasons. But it is so interesting, so creative, and honestly just such a good show.

Why you should watch it. This is what I told Drew. It has great character development and back stories. And just great characters in general, which they constantly throw at you throughout. It is the most questionable and confusing story line ever, but it is very interesting, original, and cool. They leave some things up to you, like the ending which is not all clear cut. Which in turn makes you have to think and piece things together. It has action, romance, suspense, drama, the works. You’ll cry (I did), you’ll be angry (at the characters and writers), you’ll be at the edge of your seat (probably yelling or wide eyed), and it’ll keep you wanting more.

Where to watch it. As always, Netflix.

How long it will take. This will not take a weekend. Or even a week. If you want to binge Lost, prepare yourself for quite the haul. With 121 episodes and six jammed packed seasons “WHAT???”s, you’ll want a little while to digest it.
I have come to realize that the reason I love/hated Lost so much the first time, was how long it took. After rushing through the second time, I enjoyed the pace or reveals and mystery much better. So don’t make my mistake, binge Lost like you’ve never binged before.
Either way though, after 90 hours of it, you’ll know that watching Lost was the best and worst decision of your life.

— Brey

6 thoughts on “Bingeable // Lost.

  1. I made it (mostly rapt) a couple of episodes into the second season before throwing in the towel. “They have no idea what they’re doing!” I told my brother, who agreed.

    My husband disagreed until the end, when the writers more or less owned up to it. :p


  2. I just started watching this show a couple of months or so ago and I’m in to season 3 at this point. You are spot-on about characters, and I can tell there are Easter Eggs and lots of foreshadowing that makes more sense in hindsight or re-watching. A character drama that can successfully make me dislike a character very deeply and then come around and genuinely change my opinion about them (which takes some doing for me) wins me over every time.

    Also Hurley. Hurley is totes adorbs. Hurley keep me watching. 🙂

    I could go on about it but I’ll stop here – I need to find someone to gush to and compare notes with in-person.


  3. I watched all 6 seasons of Lost the year it ended. One of my English professors at the time had us reading Haruki Murakami’s “Sputnik Sweetheart” to coincide with the Lost finale because he said it would help us understand the ending (it didn’t really). I keep toying with the idea of watching it again, but I lost so much time binging it on Netflix the first time — what if it sucks me in again!? That, and I watch the How It Should Have Ended and wonder if I want to go through that again 😛


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