Zero to Four Hundred // My first full month blogging.

May was a blur this year. I literally did not stop this month.

I have been nannying fifty plus hours a week, having friends and cousins stay over every other weekend, took more than one day trip, had my first wedding anniversary, got hired for a career position, spent the holiday weekend with family, turned twenty, and finally went to the Baltimore Aquarium.

It was amazing. All of it. Especially the aquarium birthday bash. Oh man.

But as May turns to June, I find myself letting go of a insane schedule, yet already missing the excitement of it all. Other than my long work weeks, none of those activities will be repeated for quite a while.

June will have its own purpose though. June will be a time to grow and reflect. June will be a time for me to embrace my inner introvert and delve into my own little world. That can be satisfying too, in a much quieter way.

A part of me flutters with excitement at the thought of a month with no social gatherings planned, no where to go, nothing to see. It allows me to focus on something that I am passionate about:


I am in love blogging.

I had thought about blogging before. I had always loved writing and I follow so many inspiring women and their blogs, I wondered if I could make one of my own. I felt motivated to share my voice.

As I mentioned in my post, Why I Blog, I had the need to change how my life was going. I also needed a cheap, enthralling, time consuming hobby to keep my occupied and happy. After a think tank session with Drew, I finally decided to take the leap and start a blog.

My hopes weren’t high and my cheeks turned red every time I finally posted something. I was not sure of myself or this experience. I kept thinking about the short stories or other websites or silly ventures I had tried in the past. Each of them had gone down in flames and I was worried that blogging would leave me the same way.

With a decent amount of prodding and approval from Drew for a few days, I kept up with my posting. I was still so tentative and unsure of my posts, my theme, my words, and my plans for my blog. It only took a few days for something amazing to happen…

Ordinary Adventures blossomed.

Yes, I had done some research, and had some tips, and I have a few tricks, but… wow. This past month of blogging has blown my mind. I couldn’t have imagined being where I am today ever, let alone in thirty days. Almost five hundred followers, thousands of views, hundreds of likes, dozens of comments… my mind cannot fathom this. The support is astounding and has driven me to take my goals and blog to a new level.

I need to be up front with you all. I am not blogging to gain likes or make money. That was and will not ever be my intention. But I have to admit, that when I got a couple of views and my first encouraging comment, it definitely felt good. And the higher those numbers became, the more empowered and confident and encouraged I felt. It was affirming.

This new adventure has turned into my favorite thing to do. I find myself constantly planning out my next posts, researching and learning how to make Ordinary Adventures better, and I find myself constantly writing. It has been a dream come true. It has given me something to love, to strive towards, a way to try new things, and keep me busy.

I am so glad I took the leap.

I am also excited that this is still just the beginning. As I said, I am preparing and learning about photos, and posts, and themes, and so many other cool things for Ordinary Adventures. It will only get better from here!

I know this is just a long rant, but I wanted to share how much I enjoy sharing, talking, and being with you all. I am looking forward to the future of Ordinary Adventures, and the rest of this journey and where it will take me.

— Brey

12 thoughts on “Zero to Four Hundred // My first full month blogging.

  1. Hi Brey! Thanks for the like on my bathroom reno post. I also liked your frank post about your first year of marriage. It’s my first year living with my partner and I related so much to many of your own feelings. Anger is the one that surprised me the most. But we’re making it work and it’s lovely. It is super encouraging to get your like. Thanks a lot and I hope you keep writing 🙂 I’ll keep reading.


  2. Love your experience! I am new too, and cannot believe I am enjoying the blogging experience too! I never imagine it would be so, be so…life changing! Thanks for sharing! I thought maybe I was the only one:) Especially the part about “no social plans!” Exactly! Love it! I am so glad the door open to find you!! Blessings!

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  3. Wow that’s incredible. I haven’t been as successful in blogging as you, but this post is very inspirational! After 16 days of blogging, I do have 71 followers, which is so much better than my old blog attempts. Blogging is actually really fun and helps me document my life. Not to mention how much faster I am at typing on my phone, because I do most of my posts at school when I’m not doing anything in class. 😅 😆 keep up the good work!!


  4. I’m so happy that I found your blog! Whenever I write a post I’m always so curious to see what others think about what I wrote about. Was it interesting? Boring? Witty? Whenever I get a like it makes me giddy, but I rarely get strangers commenting on my posts. A lot of that has to do with my inconsistency, which is something I’m aiming to work on. It can be hard to be consistent with things, especially with how busy life can get! But bravo to you for putting in so much effort into your blog, it really is fantastic that it’s blossomed so much!

    I look forward to following it in the future and to seeing where it takes you. Plus I’m sure you’ll give me some great reading material for my long trip back across the country in a week 😛

    Keep up the great work!

    ❤ and harp strings,

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  5. What are the chances of you including a RSS feed? I use feeds on netvibes to track new postings from my favorite places, and I always encourage people to make use of them.


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