Spring Fling // Five fashion trends I loved this season.

Memorial day marks the unofficial start of summer. Kids are still in school and the calendar technically says its still spring, but we all know the truth. The moment those white pants and bathing suits come out, summer comes in.

Not to mention all the summer trends come in, too!

I spend most of spring gearing up for summer days. Summer vacations, summer jobs, summer plans, and of course, summer fashion! Last summer I spent the entire months in tiny skater dresses and flip flops. This summer is already different and so are the styles. I’ve been noticing some trends and bulking up my closet in anticipation.

Out of all the styles I’ve been enjoying already, here are my top five for this summer!

1. Victoria Secret’s bathing suits. I am head over heals in love with my new Victoria’s Secret one piece. I feel like Marilyn Monroe in this swim suit. I outgrew all my old bathing suits this year and I was cringing at the idea of having to shop for one to fit me and my hour glass shape. I wanted a one piece but I wasn’t thrilled with my options. VS’s options are cheap but when I saw this ruched, white, halter fit for a goddess suit, I knew that it was meant to be. Trying it on, I was astonished at the results. Never have I had such a sexy, perfect fitting, flattering suit. It was worth ever penny.

2. Urban OG’s sandals. I buy all my shoes from this site. With low prices and free shipping over $60, my mini shopping sprees always are affordable and abundant.I like my heels high and fun, and I have never owned a pair under 5 inches. But this season Urban OG threw out a dozen or so pairs of 3 inch heels that I took a gamble on and scooped up. I ended up with three pairs and these bad boys are the only things I wear any more. They are just high enough to be fun and fashionable, while still being low enough for me to wear these, literally, all day long. Honestly, this is my warm weather must have now.

3. American Eagle’s shorts. I am tired of super tiny shorts, and bermuda shorts date me back to being twelve years old at summer camp. That is why I was so thrilled to discover American Eagle’s midi shorts. AE’s midi shorts not only will feel comfy on any tummy issues (and slim tummies!) but they come adjustable with length as well! The waist comes up just a inch (if that) higher on your stomach then shorties, but definitely help with the tucked in look. The legs themselves come cuffed at a short cute length, but can be rolled down once to cover more! I wear these shorts to work all the time. When I walk in, I uncuff them to get a little more length and cover my tattoo, but when I walk out, I cuff them back up! The colors are adorable, the prices are so affordable, and they are just too cute.

4. Hollister’s flare jeans. My favorite new style out now are high waisted flare pants. There is just something so professional yet sexy about this look. Wear cute heels with a tucked in shirt… damn. This style can be for work, for fun, for dates, for literally anything. I have not been able to find pants that are long enough to wear with heels, tight enough at my waist with that wanted length, come in multiple colors (especially the classic dark dark wash to look fancy), AND in an affordable price range. Then Hollister popped up with grey, white, light blue, and the perfect dark dark wash that I have come to adore: for $50. If there isn’t a sale on jeans or the entire website, which there almost always is! Ugh, so perfect.

5. Forever 21’s maxi dresses. This is kind of biased, because I could have made this an entire post just about Forever 21’s summer clothes. My entire wardrobe, other than jeans and shorts and underwear, is made up completely of Forever 21 apparel. The style, the price, the huge selection, who wouldn’t stock up at this store?
I’m getting off topic here. I got a small lot of four maxi dresses from F21 and fell in love. Not only do you not have to wear a bra with these $10-$16 creations, but they also look fancy while being the easiest things to wear in your closet! Three different people have asked me why I’m dolled up for the occasion wearing these, while I threw them on only because I felt exceptionally lazy that day! They’re soft, pretty, and fun. Get them. Now.

I do have a shopping problem, but how can I resist creating such cute outfits? Online shopping is my favorite addiction, I don’t even remember the last time I was in a mall!
Unlike last years take over of high waisted, frayed, booty shorts, I am so happy with these new trends this year! What are your go to warm weather trends?

— Brey

7 thoughts on “Spring Fling // Five fashion trends I loved this season.

    1. Not super curvy, but I’m a little top heavy and have a small torso, so sometimes the high waisted thing doesn’t quite look right on me either!
      With a little bit of experimenting I’ve found two “cures” so to speak though.
      1. Heels. It’ll make you look taller and that kind of balances everything out. That’s why I can’t do high waisted shorts because it makes my torso so tiny and then my legs look like sticks!
      2. I wear a flowy top that drapes over a little bit while being tucked in. Then usually paired with a bolder necklace, it draws the attention to my top, not my hips or torso.

      The high waisted pants style is really flattering for everyone though.. not shorts. Big difference 🙂 Hope this helps!


  1. I love these types of posts! I’m a bit of a shopaholic myself, and I’ve recently found myself spending a little too much time browsing F21’s jumpsuits- so cute and so affordable!


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