10 Summer Date Ideas // Let the summer lovin’ begin.

If you are not one of the millions that are hauling out this holiday weekend, you are smart. Or boring. Or both. Drew and I fit both criteria and are hunkering down for a well deserved mini stay-cation. Although we are not sunning ourselves amongst a crowd on the beach, we are still enjoying this long weekend!

It is Memorial Day weekend and even though summer doesn’t technically start for almost another month, pull out those bathing suites and white pants, and party! The days are growing longer and not to mention hotter. As the days start to sizzle, it’s about time you spiced up your love life too! Summer makes all types of fun activities and dates available.

Looking for something nice and new to do with your significant in the coming weeks or even right now? Here’s ten dates that are bound to be as fun as the days are long!

1. Explore a new place. Recently I drove forty minutes out to meet with a friend at a place I never took the time to stop at. Tucked away and by the water, it turned out to be a great adventure! You never know what could be just around the corner. Try out a new restaurant or town close by that you never gave a chance.

2. Have a beach day. This requires more work than most of these ideas, but can be such a blast. Don’t worry about hotel costs or taking time off, just grab your suit and towel and road trip to your nearest beach!

3. Watch a drive in movie. This is the one thing on this list that I have yet to do, alone or with Drew. My good friend shared of the fun she had doing this last summer that i vowed to try it out this time around! Find the nearest dive in theater (could be tricky) and whisk your date away to a steamy car make out session.

4. Go for a swim. Since I turned sixteen, I think I can count on my hand how many times I’ve gone to a pool. I hope to change this, this summer! Grab your date and put sun tan lotion on each other, play pool games, or just hold hands as you get a tan.

5. Get tickets to a concert. A few summers ago, Drew and I road tripped to PA to attend a Of Monsters and Men concert. It was quite the journey. But the band was amazing, we got fun food, and a few hours together while driving. All in all, that was the highlight of my summer that year!

6. Pack and picnic. Even if it ends up being in your own back yard, or the park down the street, have a picnic with your significant other! At sunset, a lunch date, under the stars, whatever you chose, picnics are a lot of fun and can be very romantic.

7. Go stargazing. Go out to your deck, local park, or even drive up to a camp site for the best view of the stars! Grab a blanket and maybe even a picnic basket and kill to birds with one stone by having a candle and moonlit dinner.

8. Go to the aquarium. I might be a bit biased on this one (I loooooove the aquarium), but this is a perfect summer date! A lot of people recommend going to the zoo during the summer, although I don’t really understand why. The crowds, the hot sun, the bugs, and just being outside for hours during a 100 degree day, walking the entire time? No thank you. The aquarium is just as interesting and fun, if not more, while being indoors and air conditioned!

9. Binge a new TV show. Check out my weekly Bingeable segment and start a new series. Drew and I recently started Star Trek: Next Generation and are loving it! No better way to end a night or a date then by curling up in bed and watching the next episode to your guys’s favorite show.

10. Just go to a movie! They are called summer blockbusters for a reason. I almost never go out to a movie. Especially with free streaming devices on my bookmark bar, it’s hard for me to spend $20 on a movie date. But this past week I have found my self in a red leather recliner surrounded by fifty other people eating popcorn. Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max are just two movies you should go out to see with your date!

Drew and I will probably end up doing three or four of these just this weekend! And we’ll definitely finish this list this summer. What are you guys doing this holiday weekend?

— Brey

5 thoughts on “10 Summer Date Ideas // Let the summer lovin’ begin.

  1. I would rather pick up my motorbike and go on a country side bike trip. That would be the best summer for me if I were in UK or US. Period.

    Now that I know what to do when I am back from the trip 🙂


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