Bingeable // Flip or Flop.

It is that time again. It’s Friday night and the weekend has begun! I don’t know what I’m going to do with all this free time! Actuallyunfortunately, I do. This weekend is jam packed and I won’t have a moment to breathe. But hopefully my dear readers, you will be luckier. And if you need something new to watch to fill the days, here is an interesting suggestion.

Why I watched it: In odd coincidence, Drew got sick the night I started watching Flip or Flop. Feeling blah, he asked to watch something that was simple and  interesting enough to keep his mind off his ailments. This was the perfect mix of mindlessness and intrigue that relieved Drew and kept me piqued enough to stay up through the night and still follow along. The episodes quickly became repetitive, but their work was so well done that I enjoyed the process each time!

Why you should: If you like house hunters or any remodeling show, you will like Flip or Flop. In that entire genre that I’ve seen, this is my favorite. It is more than just “do you want this new house?”. It allows the whole episode to detail each renovation of just one house. It goes through the process of making the house they choose as perfect as they can. Usually money and their budget go out their window and each house becomes a beautiful splurge that leaves them all the more wealthy. It is a fun show and you’ll want to watch every episode to at least see the end result of each home.

Where to watch it: The first ten episodes that make up season one are on Netflix. Having not heard of this show otherwise, I thought that those ten were the only ones ready to watch before a new season starts. During my last visit to the nail salon though, HGTV was broadcasting and claiming a new episode was airing this week of Flip or Flop. After some investigating, it seems like that new episode could be the start of season three. Although, I would not say this show is worth hunting down a free streaming site for a download.

How long it’ll take: If you’re a true binger like me, it’ll take you less than 24 hours to watch every available episode on Netflix. Probably without Drew’s illness, it would have taken me two to three days, mostly because I was captivated enough to surge on to the next episode.

So. For a quick watch and something new, check out Flip or Flop!

— Brey

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