Workout Wednesdays // Week one.

This was hard for me to follow through on. When I said I wanted to better and push myself off the couch and into real life, it was much easier said than done. The only reason I am even posting this is because I have spent the whole week turning this scheme into a calendar and I had to post this Wednesday to stay on track. That’s the good/bad thing about weekly installments, huh? But in the end, whatever the reason, here I am to introduce Workout Wednesdays.

As the title suggests, I will be posting about my weekly workouts every Wednesday here on Ordinary Adventures. With so many sites at my fingertips, ample room in my own home to stay active, a free gym membership with treadmills in our complex, and a paid gym membership with Gold’s Gym across the street, there is utterly no reason in the world why I am wasting away on my couch wishing for a fitter body.

Notice I said fitter, not thinner. I have no real concern with numbers and my overall weight. I know that my body is healthy and my size is not a problem. Do I love the little pockets of pudge? No, but who does? While I start this healthy adventure, I am not looking at the scale or the number of inches my waist is. I want to be fit, strong, and healthy. I want to see muscle and feel empowered and active. I am not looking to diet or run myself dry doing cardio until I’m 99 pounds. I am looking for a life style change. A healthy alternative that makes my body move and evolve.
And I am excited to start with you guys helping me stay accountable.

So let me clear up what Workout Wednesdays entail. Every Wednesday I will post some stats. Saying what my most active day was, what my workouts consisted of, and so on.

To start me off, at the very least, for the next 7 weeks I will be following specific weekly workout regimens that I have found on Pinterest!  I have seen “the perfect workout” or “the best ___ (insert ab, mom, thigh, summer) workout” all over Pinterest. I feel like with such gripping headlines, at least one has to work, right? So, through the month of May and June I will be picking a new workout pin to follow. I will also tell you how I felt during and any results after. It will also be a fun way to follow along and keep my motivated!

My goal is to ultimately follow through the best I can every week for the next seven weeks. I hope to do the pinned workout five times a week. Most of these are stretches or cardio based at home workouts, so hopefully five times is not too lofty for me!

Throughout these weeks I do not want to limit myself. I still hope to go to the gym with Drew and stay active in other ways. Those goals are less likely to be accomplished, but notes will be made if I get around to it too during these coming weeks.

I want to keep myself motivated and on track. I want you all to know seriously I take this and how honest I want to be with not only myself but with you all. So without further ado, here are my Starting Stats.

19 year old female, 5’5″: total newby.
: 126
Bench: 85
Squat: 110
Overhead: 60
Deadlift: 75
Run: 15 minutes

Usually running is not part of the stats, but it is important to me to see my progress. When I mean run, I mean my 4-5 mph interval non stop running. I’m pretty pathetic at this point.

If this isn’t proof enough, I am definitely not a “cardio” girl. I do not believe that just solely running on a treadmill will get you any result you really want. I want strength, and muscles, and to be able to flex and be proud. Cardio can be important, but it is no where near my focus.

Now that we got that out of the way, time for the fun stuff!

After scouring Pinterest and my fitness board, I found seven fun, interesting, easy, at home workouts. I made a less than beautiful calendar for myself and honestly, I was pretty proud of myself. I’ll share May’s full plan soon!

But, here is this weeks workout!

c7ba1adf4bfa17840300ca95d96a918aIt seems easy to follow, blunt, and fun. I’m excited to see how I feel after a week of the “perfect” workout pin.

Check back in next Wednesday to see how this workout really added up and what the next pin will be!

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