Bingeable // 90210.

Welcome everyone! I am proud to announce that this is my first segment that will have weekly installments! This definitely will be the easiest and fun segment for me. It doesn’t require hard work or life changes, but it does focus on something I’m good at.

Already in my first few posts I have mentioned Netflix and how close the two of us are. I need to clear something up here. I am addicted to Netflix… and other streaming devices. LetMeWatchThis, Amazon Prime, HBO GO, online websites with free episodes (helllllo, MTV and ABC Family), and so on. So I guess I’m more addicted to TV shows than anything.

Not only do I watch an excessive amount of online streaming, but I also watch an obsessive amount at one time. Once I dig my claws into a show, I am watching that show all the way to end in a matter of days, or weeks. Tops. I am a compulsive binge watcher.

Lucky for you guys though, I am here to be your guide. I am excited to share my thoughts and favorites with you guys and to tell you what shows are good and what shows are Binge-able.
I know when I am done with a great show I am always on the prowl for my next series. After each show, I feel apprehensive to start something new and Netflix’s “what to watch next” is never truly helpful. So, if you’re in my shoes and want a new show to watch, pull up a seat and cozy up!
And just in time, right? It’s Friday, the weekend is here, time to settle down with a new show!

This week’s show is 90210. The remake starting in 2008 and ending recently in 2013. The reason I am starting with this show is because I finished it just a few days ago. And honestly, this is one the of the most perfect bingeable shows out there.

When I think of binging, I don’t think of this riviting, awe inspiring show that you cannot tear your eyes away from. I tried binging Breaking Bad that way and it was just too heavy and deep in too little of time. For extraordinary episodes, you have to savor it. Have I learned this lesson personally? Not a chance. It is still my advice? Definitely.

So no, bingeable to me means that I can sit here on Pinterest and WordPress browsing while the show plays on the TV. Bingeable means that I can have the show on while I fold laundry or clean the living room. Bingable means that I can have the show going for literally fifteen hours straight on my day off and I still won’t be sick of it… mostly because I did other things than just watch.
Makes sense? Not all my Bingeable show reviews will be like this, but most will be. I personally love having the TV on as I online shop and do my nails. If I miss one moment as my eyes are pealed away, I didn’t just miss the best TV has to offer. I listen along and enjoy! That really is what most TV is to me. And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love this segment.

Don’t worry, I’ll review gripping, A+ materials too, but sometimes you just have to honker down with a silly drama and drown out everything around you.

And with that…

Why I watched it.
As I said earlier, I finished this show a few days ago. I know how hard it must be to end a 5+ year, popular, loved show. The finale for that kind of show always has to be sappy and wrap everything up. But man. On Wednesday night as me and Drew sat down to finish this beast, I was literally moaning and woefully yelling “I hate this stupid show!“. This show really is irritating. If you try to take it seriously and engross yourself in it, you won’t survive. Every character constantly is lying, or back stabbing, or being plain idiotic the entire show. Oh and hooking up.You will hate each of them in their own special way. Every episode you want to grab each of them and go “actually communicate like a normal human being!“. But they won’t. Literally to the very end.

But I loved that about this show. I never took it too seriously. I loved to hate them.

Why to watch it. 
But wow, Brey, why watch it then? Yes, it was infuriating, but man you will always want to know what will happen next. Will she keep the baby? Will the true criminal reveal itself? Will they die? You have to watch and find out! I imagine that this show is very close to what a soap opera is like. But higher quality camera work, prettier scenery, and hotter actors. This show is every young adult, romance, drama, novel rolled onto the screen. You’ll love to hate this show, too.

Where to watch it. 
I watched this on my love, Netflix. All seasons are available immediately to watch!

How long it will take.
This whole show is about 80 hours or so in length. Which if you watch straight from sun up to sun rise, will take 3 and 1/2 days. It took me about two weeks to finish off this monstrosity?
Don’t get too cozy with season 1. The entire show switches from mainly one character’s life to about 10. The upgrades make the show a little sleeker and harmonized. You get a wider sense of their world as well as more polish to each of the characters. It seems to change from a young teen drama to a young adult rich kid drama. Some how that was better!

But really. If you want a great bingeable show, switch on Netflix and start 90210.
If this isn’t your cup of tea, come back next Friday to see a new recommendation!

— Brey

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