It’s the little things.

Some days you just have to let a deep breath out and give yourself a break. Clear your schedule, close the curtains, find the space that gives you solace. Isn’t that what Sundays are for? A day of rest? It seems like for most people this concept is long forgotten and I definitely was part of the majority up until recently. Now that I am apart of the work force (at least partially for the time being) and Sundays are the only days I am not “on call” so to speak to nanny for my current three clients, I am starting to not take this day for granted.

These sleepy Sundays have become the highlight of my weeks for the sole reason that there is no outstanding highlight to them. It’s the little things that make my days of rest that much better. Here are the things that are making this  Sunday special.

Peonies from Wegmans. This week was the first time I ever was able to purchase real peonies for my house. They have just come into season and quite the delicacy. Even though I was only able to snatch up three small bulbs, today was the first morning I woke up to them and seeing them standing tall made my day start that much better. I have so much anticipation for the morning I find them blooming.

Warmer weather. And I believe it is here to finally stay! After a slight cold front this week, 70 degree weather days will be the chilliest ones we’ll have to face for a little while. Throw open your windows, flip on your fans, and enjoy the days as they slowly transform into summer.

Game of Thrones. As someone who does not watch cable, I never have to deal with waiting for certain days to see the newest episode of my favorite network shows. Although… as a HBO GO subscriber, I have to go through this hardship for a few months every spring for Game of Thrones. I must admit I get a little excited every Sunday, knowing I will have a new episode to view that night.

Having the quiet time to plan. This is a good one for you guys too!  I usually try to plan out my next step in my blogging adventure during work, or late at night after shifts, or as it has been for the last few days, not at all. It has been wonderful to have a whole day  to take my time and finally outline the upcoming segments in peace and at my own pace.

As this Sunday draws to a close, I can easily state that this day was the best of this very long week.

— Brey

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