Why I blog.

Welcome back! I’m glad you guys have stuck around. I was so happy to introduce my blog and myself this week and officially start the blogging experience. Yet I feel like the meaning behind this blog and what I really plan on using it for is still a little hazy. So, I was excited when I was challenged to open up and share why I blog.

My dear friend Moriah over at Untidy Grace wrote a lovely post about why she blogs. As something like a mentor in the blogging sphere to me, I was interested when she reached out and dared me to write my own piece. I hope that not only does this help me arrange my own thoughts, but it will also help you all know what to look forward to here at Ordinary Adventures.

I blog because I want to change. As I talked about earlier this week, Netflix is not the most satisfying way to spend free time. There is only so much 90210, Friends, and Grey’s Anatomy I can watch in a couple months (disclaimer: I watched all of those series and more in the past couple of months). I’m ready to be creative again. To become a better wife. To challenge myself. I’m ready to make some changes. And I’m ready to chronicle them and share all of these things with you guys. Maybe even more than that, blogging will allow me to be able to follow along as well and have the opportunity to contemplate my growth.

I blog to keep myself accountable. This goes hand in hand with what I just stated. I want the challenges of creating, cooking, cleaning, writing, and so on. But I’ve been wishing to do that for the entirety of this year and not much has come from “wishing”. I hope with weekly installments and encouragement, this blog will keep me liable.

I blog to express myself. Writing used to be my release. I wrote daily for years and years to understand my own thoughts but also to just unburden myself. It was very therapeutic. Recently I have stopped writing. While I have saved myself a lot of time to have a life watch TV, I have missed it. I have missed sharing my thoughts and penning out my feelings. I have missed creating something to share, to hold, to have.

I blog because I already love it. Even though this is only my second post, I have loved my blogging experience. I have enjoyed planning segments. I have had fun constructing lists and drafts of all the ideas I want to try and share. I have appreciated the talks and advice I have gotten from my friends and hubby over my blogging strategies. I have loved the entire process of making this blog come to life. And I know the more I write, the more I push myself, the more I change, the more I have to show myself and you all, the more I will love it.

— Brey

39 thoughts on “Why I blog.

  1. First off, thanks for visiting my blog! Second, I relate to this blog so much, it’s almost as if it’s about me (lol). I really enjoyed the way you write; I would just love to have my thoughts that organized! Best of luck with your blogging future!

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  2. Hi Brey,

    just from reading this, and seeing your cover photo and your about picture, I can tell you are going to be a huge success, because you already see things through a unique set of eyes. I believe you will grow to LOVE blogging. It is addictive, and something that always occupies one’s mind… i.e., I could write about this, Would this help someone else?, etc. I look forward to reading more from your perspective!

    Dawn @ Blue Willow


  3. Hello Brey,

    I am starting to blog for the first time and I am excited to see how it will turn out. My goal is to write at least one per week. I am hoping to become inspired and to be creative just like you. I also like to see and hear what other people’s ideas are and what they have in mind. I am excited about being able to read more of your blogs.

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  4. I was so happy to read this post! i am feeling lost and overwhelmed with my decision to start blogging, and i can see that you felt similar when you first started. It is a wonderful thing to find a kinship with others simply from sharing your passion. I eagerly anticipate reading more.


  5. Love this article! You truly defined everything that I feel towards writing and blogging. I can definitely relate to all of your points.


  6. Your sentiments perfectly encapsulate the fun of blogging. Look forward to keeping up with your writing. And thanks for stopping by my blog, too!


  7. Thank you for coming and reading as well as liking my blog. It is amazing how ‘simply’ it could be done, to take someone. I think your blog is awesome too. All the best for the next year of your marriage 🙂 Susan


  8. Brey, so glad to see that someone else is new at blogging besides me, yes I know there must be thousands out there doing the same thing but it was nice of you to stop by my blog and leave a little encouragement. Thank you ! I look forward to following your blog just to see what you are up to.


  9. I’m glad that you enjoyed my post “Why I am not writing” and that you’ll stop back by. I tend to keep my posts focused on writing tips and only blog when I have something to say. I haven’t had much to say lately, but I have a few new thoughts that I’ll post soon. Enjoy the adventure.


  10. Hey Brey
    I love your blog and the way it is presented. It is crafted so elegantly
    I was wondering if you would be a blog mentor for me?
    Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderful day


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